Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thug is the word of the day.

Many of you already know about the firestorm surrounding Richard Sherman and his interview following the Seattle Seahawks victory. If you don't, look it up. The controversy is about his energetic words and the following label of thug to him.

The actual problem with this situation is that there are far too many people in our first world country that don't understand violence. It is often necessary in this world to be ready to go nuts in response to a situation you might find yourself in. Even in these lovely United States of America. Mr. Sherman grew up in one such neighborhood. It's not the only one. The vast majority of the world is this way.

The epithet of thug is viewed by first worlders as a negative thing. In reality it is a badge of honor. For someone to declare such a thing about you, speaks volumes about your intimidating presence. If there were fewer feminized men in our lovely country, we wouldn't be talking about this as a racial issue. It would be about how to get Mr. Sherman on our football team.

Stop the hate, be a thug.

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  1. The usa is a nation of thugs and gang culture. Always has been when you think of the different groups who settled the colonies and how the various regions self interests conflict. Sometimes the gang culture comes out in politics when one region gets the upper hand, sometimes when joe six pack is forced to bail out wall street. Folks don't see that as gang culture but it is. The gang culture of the UMC & 1% is more subtle, but it really is the same in group/ out group morality as you see in the ghetto or Appalachia.

    And the gangs on the lower end of the SES do a lot less damage over all


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