Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pretty Phalarope or Loquacious Quail

My fifteen-year-old daughter has become quite an artist. She is also very funny. Here is the Mother's Day card she made for me:

This is the Northern Phalarope (female). 

I decided to draw it because it was one of the prettier birds I found in this book and thought it'd be a nice Mother's Day gift. Well, then I wanted to read what the author had to say about this bird, hoping it may relate to you in some way. All I got was: "She leaves all the family duties to the less handsome, more modest male..."

This bird is not very motherly at all! It is almost the opposite of you! So this didn't really work out. I should have made the California Valley Quail who is described as: "Beautiful, lively, and loquacious" - loquacious means having the tendency to talk a lot :) - but it wouldn't work because that quail is actually quite ugly and it would be almost painful to draw.

So, to sum up, I messed up my Mother's Day project, but I hope you like the sentiment! 

I love you Mommy! 
My youngest daughter has already made me a very generous breakfast and will be roasting a chicken for me for dinner.

Later tonight, while they don't know it yet, they get to entertain my new obsession and watch another documentary that I've found called Cereal Killers. Just to let some other loquacious person talk to them about fat.

It is cool and overcast today. I'm going to finish cutting down our abundant, natural, pain in the rear, harvest of Burdock and then we're all going to take a walk in the woods to hunt Morel mushrooms and dig up some Trillium bulbs to replant. 

I hope all of the mothers reading have a pleasant and peaceful Mother's Day!

Update: Our first Morel mushroom hunt was a success! They are as delicious as we were promised they'd be.

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