Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Truth About Cancer

I just finished watching Episode 1 and highly recommend it to you.

Here is the trailer:

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & the Pharmaceutical Monopoly
Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils 
Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow
Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound and Light 
If you are taking L-Glutamine as a supplement, you need to watch Episode 4.
Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy, & The Power of Emotions
Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic
Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods
Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature's Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing With Micronutrient Therapy
Episode 9: Cancer conquerors and Their Powerful Stories of Victory


  1. I believe this is a relevant link:

    "1. Sarah Hershberger, now 12, no longer shows signs of being sick and a judge has formally ended her court-ordered guardianship
    2. The Hershberger family fled their Ohio home to go to Mexico in 2013 after they stopped Sarah from receiving chemotherapy treatments
    3. The hospital went to court after the family decided to treat Sarah with natural medicines, such as herbs and vitamins
    4. At the time, doctors at Akron Children's Hospital said her leukemia was treatable, but that she would die without chemotherapy "

  2. Thank you for sharing that. There are several examples like that in Episode 1 as well.


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