Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keep calm and pray on

The news came in that we had been patiently waiting for. Life had been on hold during the wait. We had our routine and I was gradually getting accomplished the to do list I always have in my mind. However, as it is common with military families, we are not living in our forever home, we've always known this was temporary. The time has come for us to move.

It is so exciting to contemplate living in the state we desire to live, on a property that we've longed for, and in a home that I can make my own. It will be a big change from my current mindset with regards to our house. Most every decision we've made here we've had the eventual sale of the house in mind. For example, we've held off purchasing our forever furniture because of the impending move to ensure what we buy doesn't get damaged or not fit with our forever home. We won't have to do that anymore.

So life is good, right? This is what we've been waiting for. It's time to celebrate and rejoice! The longing I've had for years is about to be fulfilled!

And I proceeded into a frenzy of: "I have to do this, and this, and this, and there's no time for this anymore, and what about this and I need to remember to do this and...lists people, we need to make lists, and..." You get the idea.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cool Hand Luke sits across from me with a peculiar expression that reads: "Woman... now why have you gone and lost your mind?"

Simple, there's just so much to do. We won't move until we sell the house so I have to do everything to make it perfect so that it will sell as fast as possible. Because, you know, I'm in control of such things.

Granted, there is a lot involved in selling a home, buying a home in a different state and moving, but as so often is the case, I really needed the correction he proceeded to give me.

"There is only one of two ways this is going to happen, it is either you acting like an overwhelmed hysterical lunatic, or you calmly doing what you can do and praying about the rest."

Oh yeah...that's right, there's God.

In the middle of our discussion, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted right off of me. Followed by a sense of shame that it took a good talking to from him in order for me to remember the most important thing I'd been forgetting.


  1. Will pray for a buyer in a rush with cash in hand :)

  2. Replies
    1. It can happen. We caught that break ourselves. God Bless. I mean it. Praying.

  3. Praying that your house sells quickly and you remain calm and keep giving the worry to God.

  4. I am very pleased that you are in such an exciting stage of your life. It is my hope that the transition will be quick and that you will enjoy happiness and satisfaction in your new home. I have asked God to bless you and you family as you lean on Him.

  5. I will pray for you! We too are preparing to sell our home and move to a new one, so I sort of understand the stress you are experiencing.


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