Friday, September 13, 2013

Nice hair.

Most young men, like my son and his ilk, are decent young men. When it comes to asking a girl out, they have a fear of rejection. It is perhaps not a natural fear, but it is a predominate one in today's society.

When a teen-age boy contemplates asking a girl out on a date, the worst case scenarios run through his head. These worst case scenarios include her responding to his question of, " Would you like to go to a movie?" with, "Not with you!" and a resulting escalation of her telling all her in-group friends how much of a loser he is. The proper way to combat this for a young man is to be ready for that response and punch back.

There are several good responses to such a princess. One would be, "Nice hair." It leaves the girl in a general state of confusion. "Nice feet" is also a good response if she has larger feet than normal and it negs her. The important thing for a young man to remember is that the young female is infinitely more insecure than he is. He just needs to control the situation and know he can counter any psychological punch.

It is a difficult thing for him to understand. I have been preaching these things to my own son for a couple of years. However, when I have displayed to him how insecure his sisters become with these small negs, he begins to understand. My daughters heard me telling my son how to respond. Five minutes later I said, "Nice hair" to them and he could see the resulting response.

After this, the girls clearly recognized how emotional they became when I mentioned their hair. I was no longer the teacher; they were. When they explained how it upset them, he finally understood. Now the girl's response could be hesitation, "Umm...I don't know." Then an appropriate response is more confidence or humor. "You realize, I'm a sparkly vampire in the sunlight, right?" or "...but Yoda said you were the one." or "I only have space for three more girls, soooo...." The concept of abundance has to precede the ability to lead a woman.

Many game sites address these issues. We, Christian men, need to simplify the truths and impart them to our offspring. The younger they marry and begin their lives; the better.


  1. What we call "Game" today is nothing more than men acting like men. Don't ask a girl out on a date, tell her. Don't let anyone shake your frame. Don't follow, lead. Defend that which you hold dear. Treat others with respect and don't let others get away with disrespecting you. And so on and so forth.

  2. "The younger they marry and begin their lives; the better."

    One of your wiser insights.

    Waiting isn't always a good idea. The sooner you are committed to one person the better off you both will be.

  3. Or you could do what my Brother did to me everyday. "So your wearing that huh? Brave."

    The little $@$/#/%% $%÷/ lol

  4. My dad is not himself if he is not negging me. When I was a teenager he would look at my shoes and say, "so do you have to keep wearing those after your feet get better?"

    Just a couple weeks ago when we were at my Uncle's house after my Aunt's funeral, he was leaving at the same time I was digging through our luggage in the back of our Suburban. He drove by and hollered at me, "look at the back end on that chick!"

    Always the negger. Is it any wonder why I married the man I did? :)

  5. Lol. You are right!


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