Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who could He choose?

Our inside line backer/running back/wild cat quarterback for our high school football team quit the team five weeks in. He quit because he got flagged for something and became emotional because he was not defended by the coach. He had the best potential of the team – a team who last year signed three D1 scholarships. The team is headed to the playoffs and it looks good for them. There will be college recruiters present from here on out. It is very likely that this kid would have gotten a scholarship, he’s better than two out of the three that got D1′s last year.

This kid will never know what could have been – because he quit. He loves the game…but could not overcome some of the aspects of the game – being betrayed (in his mind) by the coach.

As a D1 recruiter, who could you choose? The guy who had potential but quit? No, you can’t choose him, you don’t even know he exists. You will have to choose a guy who stayed in the game.
Funny how life is.


  1. You can't win if you don't play the game.

  2. Yeah...that kid is a good metaphor for divorced women.

  3. Yes, you are right. Can you think of who else it is a good metaphor for?

  4. I can see it working from a religious standpoint. Of course you capitalized He in the title so it made it that much more obvious.

    A person, might drop out of the race St. Paul is talking about because of some preconceived betrayal or abandonment. If this quarterback had not strayed to the left or right but plowed forward who knows how far he could of gone. He buried the talent he received from God, in the ground and didn't use it.

  5. A man who divorces from God.

  6. Exactly.

    The metaphor works for so many things. Obviously that's why I wrote "Funny how life is."

    1. I'll add this in case it's not clear, the metaphor also applies to a woman who divorces from God.


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