Monday, January 20, 2014

Our cat went Miley.

I like cats. They hunt and kill. In particular they keep birds from defecating on my porch and eliminate rodents from my household. They are killers. Unless you go all cat lady on them.

They aren't children. They are effective pest control that costs little compared to paying for pest control. It's almost like our ancestors knew what they were doing when trying to protect their food stores by domesticating them. Or even more scary, God knew we would need such a creature to handle pests.

OTOH, they are still animals and will display animalistic functions. This includes reproduction. Our lovable kitten that was killing birds and rodents changed. She went into heat and was insatiable. To people that have seen this, it is understood what I mean. To my children that have never seen it, it was appalling.  It did remind them of Ms. Miley and her twerking.

That similarity is yet one more reason to have pets. Your children seeing the animalistic tendencies of such people will only be understood if they see it from animals as well. The ability to deny these instincts and desires is what makes us different from animals.

Our cat has been fixed and she is lovable again. She still hunts and the rodents that were in the house we moved into are gone now. Some eaten, some escaped. I would prefer to live in a country setting where I can have a glaring. That will happen eventually. In the meantime, our children have seen the Miley function removed from a cat. You don't have to do the same thing to people. They can adopt a moral system like Christianity and they stop twerking.


  1. She went into heat and was insatiable...It did remind them of Ms. Miley and her twerking.

    This is comedy gold! It's also true and a great word picture.

    You don't have to do the same thing to people.

    Why would you want to? There is nothing better than being the object of a female's insatiable heat. God made it the way He did, so we could enjoy it the way He said. If Miley was a married women doing all the things she currently does publicly for her husband privately, she would be a good wife and potentially a godly women. The fact that she does them for the benefit of anyone who cares to watch makes her something less than what she was created to be. In a way (small boobs, nice butt sort of way) its sad.

  2. You make an excellent point.

    Yes I should have said, "...they stop twerking in public for the benefit of those other than their spouse."

  3. You said it fine.

    I think we mess up a bit when we try to teach Christianity as if it was about denying God given attributes and desires. I read theses "game blogs", sometimes I get the impression that these Christians are just trying to cope with a sin full situation when it comes to sex.

    Sex isn't sinful. Sex; and by that I mean hot horny, doing your favorite kinky move, belly slapping, sweaty, pull my hair and slap my butt, I hope we didn't wake the kids up, doing it like horny rabbits, was all God's idea. Every little dirty move that we all know we love, was conceived of in the mind of God BEFORE he created us. You might even say it was his idea. It is His gift for us to enjoy.

    It was God that created man and women and the gender traits that we all have. It was His idea to make men visually stimulated. There is no reason boobs have to look that good. Call that on of God's little (or big) gifts to the male sex. It was His idea that men would need sexual intimacy as a prerequisite to relational intimacy. It was also His idea that women would be the opposite. Why is one of those questions that every married man has contemplated while waiting for his wife to talk herself into the mood by doing a verbal dump of the days events as we lay there praying she'll shut up soon.

    It was also his idea that to put a naked women and a naked man alone in a perfect setting where all they had to do was "be fruitful and multiply" and avoid eating one fruit. Even after they messed that up, he still gave them 130 years of happy humping before the first kid came along.

    On day six when God said it is "very good" that included sex. Why Christians pretend and teach otherwise is beyond me.


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