Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How might one know they're talking with a feminist?

How do you recognize a feminist entryist disguised as a wife living in obedience to God's biblical instruction to wives?

She uses the word "allow" in the context of wives with their husbands.

Ladies, when you take advice from a woman, if there is even a glimmer of egalitarianism or wifely headship, run away. You are talking with a woman in rebellion to God.

A husband is declared, by God, the head of the wife. It defies logic that someone in submission to the head has the power to allow anything. 

A horrible exchange I read today from a lying SJW (I repeat myself) who has masked herself as an obedient Christian says all it needs to say about the intent of this entryist:

Maybe you just have no self-dignity and really allow your husband to tell you to shut the fuck up. I actually think you would never allow your husband to talk to you that way, and yet you allow some strange man to, and then suck up to him afterwards thanking him for his advice.

I don't know what "strange man" she is referring to but I do know he exists somewhere in the Manosphere - ie. the MEN'S sphere. - where men talk and exchange ideas. A place you might picture as the smoking parlor of the internet. Definitely a place where a woman's delicate sensibilities are not welcome. But that's a separate issue. 

Some excellent questions for this woman: "What dear feminist, is your recourse? How do you personally keep your husband in line from doing that which you obviously do not allow? How do you demonstrate, to your God ordained head, your self-dignity?"


  1. Very apropos that you post on this SD.......

    This has been a common thread for me over the past couple of weeks.....women that are completely convinced that they are wholly submissive, traditional and conservative. The vast majority I find to be anything but. For example, some of the worse offenders are the "conservative, republican crowd". If they the family has girls, they are inevitably involved in highly competitive, masculinizing team sports, they are hunters, their fathers can't wait to send them off to the nearest state colleges where they can be a part of the local 'lore" (and be completely indoctrinated with every progressive meme that there is), they attend "girl power churches", the girls often go into the military, egged on, once again, by their fathers, etc. Then mother turns around and brags about how she stays at home (all the while lording over her husband and everyone else), loves Reagan and supports the military, and presto, we have a submissive, traditionalist wife and family. It leaves me with my mouth agape each time it happens.

  2. It leaves me with my mouth agape each time it happens.

    My mouth is agape when I do find a real live woman living in obedience to God's instruction for wives. Because of that, when considering who we associate with, there is a spectrum of traits that are influenced by feminism and rebellion that we'll tolerate - to an extent. You learn quickly where the feminine imperative is ruling a family and over time you witness their predictable challenges because of it (usually high stress and/or quiet desperation).

    When I talk to parents who have children the same age as ours and I express my excitement for grandchildren the cognitive dissonance in the "Christian conservative" is overwhelming. Because like you mentioned, there is college and military and "you go girl" and a whole lot of delaying the natural order of things to take place.

    Though, I must say, even in our more liberal friends and family, this notion of a wife *allowing* a husband to do something is laughable. Perhaps it's cultural. We have several liberal friends who need to have their liberal card revoked for the conservative way in which they live. The men here would find it very amusing that a wife would believe she grants him *permission* to do/say anything. The opening of the gun deer hunt takes place here in a couple of days, hundreds of thousands of men will be demonstrating this very thing. :)

  3. My apologies to those of you trying to comment and having it not work. I don't know why that would be happening. Feel free to email me with your comment: sarahsdaughterblog at gmail

    Here is one comment that couldn't get through:
    November 19, 2015 at 1:12 am

    I cannot comment on your blog for some reason. She is referring to this:

    which was answered by a man- KP further down the thred and my response to him follows as well.

    My response:
    "I think you handled yourself quite graciously there. I’ve been noticing that about you.. Reading through that mess I did today I was in awe by your composure."


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