Monday, August 12, 2013

Lesser of two evils vs Christianity

This is a topic that comes up frequently during election times. I would rather address it outside of such emotional times. I've done a bit of research on others opinions and found some excellent commentary about it. Christianity and the lesser of two evils. There are a lot of good arguments made for not voting at all.

I find these diatribes to be short sighted. If you are a praying-and-listening-to-God-Christian, you will get the answer over who to vote for. If you are a woman, that answer is to vote with your husband or father. You don't even need to pray about it. It's written right there in the Bible. If you are a man, you should be in the habit of praying about decisions in your life and trusting the Holy Spirit's guidance. If you aren't accustomed to this habit, it is a great time to start.

I voted for Romney but not McCain. Despite his cult worship, I was convinced Romney would drill for oil and help our country reestablish our preeminence throughout the world. Lately, we have been finding out that the US's oil drilling is continuing despite our current leader's desire to stop it and OPEC is scared.

Reading the Bible you understand that God puts in place those that rule our countries. It also applies in democracies. There are plenty of little situations that could happen to upend a campaign that God could make happen but doesn't. It is quite an interesting philosophical dilemma. The question then could be why bother voting or concerning yourself at all. Obviously, a country that has a large amount of voters praying to God for guidance about who to vote for is going to be more successful than one in open defiance to God. The importance of the election season is about whether or not we the people are praying for guidance. I still pray for our leaders despite the fact I haven't voted for the vast majority of them. Paul was struck blind in the midst of rejecting Christ, so there is hope for all.


  1. If you are a man, you should be in the habit of praying about decisions in your life and trusting the Holy Spirit's guidance.

    Well said. Another thing that a man should have established, at least in his head, is a solid Christian world view, that helps him filter the information he is receiving. When you have that, the decision making process is much simpler. GIGO.

    If you are a woman, that answer is to vote with your husband or father.

    This assumes you need to be voting at all. I guess you can argue that women voting with their husbands (instead of the other way around) is the lessor of two evils.

  2. Voting makes you complicit in whatever the government does. The act of voting is proof that you condone what comes after whether your candidate wins or not.

    We've been handed a system that came into existence before any of us were alive much less voting age. As things stand there are so many laws and regulations that no one alive had any hand in enacting, to pretend the accumulation is representative of the current will of the people is insane.

    If you put any faith in temporal secular government then it has become an idol to you. Never mind that the concept and words, 'will of the people', are pretty good proof of idol status. Self will is how we got in this mess in the first place.

    People need to start asking where these foundational ideas of American government came from. Why do you just accept things as they've been handed to you? Who do you really serve?

    If you belong to Jesus then you're in the kingdom of God. Jesus is your Master. There can be no others before Him except for God the Father and I don't think Jesus is going to be coming to cross purposes to the Father any time soon.

    In regards to earthly government nobody asked me how things should be done and they didn't ask you either. Many people can't even balance their check book, what makes anyone think they have anything intelligent to say about a government for a whole nation? The smartest men alive have been making plans that come to nothing for the entirety of recorded history. All civilizations fall, All Of Them.

  3. "Voting makes you complicit in whatever the government does."

    Why? Because you said so? If you think a man praying for guidance on who to vote for is wrong, I don't know how you function in your life. If your prayer is answered with 'don't vote', fine don't. However, the argument that the man that prayed and received a different answer is wrong is not up to you to make.

    BTW, I would be quite content with a dictatorship/monarchy that provided more liberty than we have today. That simply isn't the option I have. Do you take personal responsibility for the decisions of companies that you vote for with your dollars? Doubtful. Very little difference. Actually the money is more of a sign of what you value, so you should hold yourself to a higher standard on your buying habits.

  4. Voting doesn't change the outcome of the ruling class. Abortion exploded unabated despite strong and widely held national consensus against it. Gay marriage flourishes among people viscerally disgusted by it. States rights eroded at equal pace under both Democrat and Republican control. Elections are rigged in favor of the incumbent. The lowest employee turnover in the country is in our elected and appointed offices.

    Voting is a farce of what it used to be. Universal suffrage only means we all suffer together. The fact that a property owner has an "equal vote" with a transient means that leadership and direction are undermined, not that they are enforced or supported.

    There are mathematical principles underlying the uselessness of the modern vote.

    Having said that, if you pray and God tells you to vote for a cultist, you vote for the cultist.

    As for me and my house, God told us to stop voting.


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