Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raising a teenage boy.

Being a teenage boy is tough. The hormones are raging and the body is changing. It is a very difficult time for the reflective young man.

I had very little success with girls as a teenage boy. I couldn't understand the results of my behavior being less attractive to girls than the moron alpha behavior's results. This really is the essence of the great lie that society preaches to young men. It comes from school, church, and moms. It is the be-yourself, be-sensitive, be-a-good-listener, respect-women....type of thing.

My son is going through the same thing I did as a young man. Frustration with the fact that women are attracted to the very things you are told not to do. He sees the success of other boys and compares himself to them. It is a frustrating and demeaning mental process in the young man's brain.

The biggest critic of most young men is their own selves. Young men like my son or me, in my younger days, compare our worst characteristics to the best characteristics of others. This devolves into the pity party that occurs in the young man's head. Constant judgement of oneself is a highly detrimental process that creates a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and activity.

The best way to fix this is through a vigilant mental conditioning of confronting each of these pity party episodes with prayer. Specifically, prayer for strength and confidence. This is where the PUAs mentality meets with the strong Christian man's mentality. Not all young men have to learn this. Some are born as the natural alpha type. Not many though. Most are coming home to you and upset or frustrated with life. Tell them the Truth. It helps. It isn't easy to change their thinking, but it is a simple process.

The teenage years might be the most formative for young men. It certainly is extremely important. You can't allow your son to wallow in his own self-condemnation. It is a difficult time due to his manic-depressive type of attitude. Sometimes he will appear so confident you want to kick his ass. For the most part, he is confused. Teaching him the way of prayer will open his greatness.

Christianity by definition is the forgiveness of your sins because of God's mercy. You don't deserve it. Your son doesn't deserve it. He has been thinking and acting on nasty things. He needs the forgiveness that God offers. He can and will become more than a conqueror if you guide him. He needs the guidance.

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  1. Basically they teach boys to completely emasculate themselves. Men are supposed to deny biology. Damn, talk about being extremely sexist! I'm supposed to be ashamed of my own masculinity so some feminist bitch can "feeeeeeeeel safe".

    These pussy licking pastors, women, and other high priests of political correctness should be ignored completely. Let yourselves be men.

    I know I'll NEVER step into a church again. It's for losers who want to deny biology.


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