Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harsh Truth

Sometimes, we need to protect children from harsh realities. It isn't necessary to tell a four year old about how old women and babies are used as human shields in war. It isn't necessary to tell the youngsters about ROE (Rules of Engagement) that demand US soldiers kill those innocents. They get left behind to make a political point. War is an ugly business. It isn't necessary to tell them about the sex trade that exists in many corners of the world. Telling them about parents that sell their twelve year old into sex slavery and how it actually is better for the twelve year old than living in the nastier place that they live in isn't necessary.

The same has to be considered about dealing with first worlder whiners. I can't allow myself to interchange with the non-logical minded morons that inhabit some areas of the internet. That doesn't make me better than them. I am just not the thing they need right now. I am a strong believer in not judging the Potter's creations. It isn't my position to say that I'm better as the salt dispenser than someone else that is the bed pan or candle holder. I might think I'm the salt dispenser but in actuality I'm the toothpick holder. I hope these metaphors reach through my inability to communicate via the written word.

I don't have sympathy or empathy for the bottom quartile of men. It isn't in me. If you find yourself there and are reading this, you are best off finding different postings to read. We link to sources where you can find kinder words. I still find myself pushing my own son to the limit of his ability to process the ugly. There are times that I tell SD to take over. Not because I'm hiding. It's because I'm just not capable of the understanding. I greatly respect those like SD that can bridge that gap. I can't. Fortunately, I know I can't. It has been a great revelation and blessing to our children.

So, if you find yourself not being able to handle some things I say...don't read my writings. If you find yourself offending others frequently, you need to consider whether or not they need your input.

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  1. "I don't have sympathy or empathy for the bottom quartile of men. <<<<<<<< I completely understand and find myself in the same position. It can be frustrating, because they always seem to ask my opinion, and then do the total opposite, while complaining about the results.


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