Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sometimes the grass is greener.

Most of us have heard the proverbial warning about thinking that the grass is greener somewhere else. The idea behind the wisdom is that we carry our problems with us and it only seems that we would be better off somewhere else. This is indeed good advice to the adventurous youth that are obsessed with change for its own sake.

On the other hand, sometimes the grass really is greener because it rains more there. We have experienced this exact issue while trying to grow a garden in Oklahoma. That is a reality that we must consider when making major decisions in life. Depending on what your goals in life are can determine where you live. It can also determine where you work or who you marry.

Your decision on where to raise your family is an important one. If you are honest with yourself and pray about it, you will get the answer you need. Sometimes that answer will go against the "grass is always greener" warning. It might be a generational issue, however, the warning against going somewhere new was almost law-like in its declaration. We need to deny this cultural push in order to set our children up for the success that we want for them.

Some cities are better to raise your children in than others. Don't lie to yourself about the cultural relativism and chance results of the happily-ever-after-princess story. Put your children in the best possible culture for you to have the in-laws and grand babies you want. Be honest about your goals and about how to best imprint the cultural mores you desire in your family. Then, find the greener grass.

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  1. Yep. We had to move away to make that happen but our focus is on building our family. As it should be.


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