Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shiny boobs

I've mentioned you should read Alpha Game, another of my favorites is Dalrock: Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world. He has an excellent post up, Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife, that contains some valuable advice for men and links to more fantastic resources.
"For your own comfort while you learn more you probably want to start off slowly here.  Start making more decisions without seeking your wife’s approval.  Learn not to be timid or afraid of her moods and reactions.  Always remember that she wants you to be her rock, and you can’t be her rock if you are matching the whims of her emotions.  Instead of timidly hugging her, playfully grab her around the waist and pull her into you so she can enjoy your strength.  Stand tall.  In your mind remember that you are a strong and worthy man, and keep that frame as you do these things."
 Great stuff!

But I am not here to give advice to guys. The men will handle that. Those who have come to understand women's nature and are doing a tremendous service bestowing what they know to assist men and women in their wayward lives. 

Ladies, your husbands are visual creatures. They like to look at nice things. What are you doing to make sure you are the nicest thing he has to look at?

Don't even start with me about how "he needs to love me for who I am."

You had something going on that caught his eye that helped him decide he wanted to marry you. Keep doing it. Don't be childish and petulant about this.

If you don't know what it is he likes looking at...ask him.

There was a couple we played cards with when we lived in Korea. I remember the husband talking about shiny boobs. He was a self professed redneck Texan that spoke with a drawl and just loved it when she'd wear a tight shirt that had something shiny around the chest area. It has become a joke around our house whenever something catches our eyes or distracts us, we say, "it's like shiny boobs." - Don't judge, we have a lot of weird idiosyncrasies around this house.

It's more than a joke though. Every few days or so, around the house, I wear tight shirts that have some bling in the chest area. It makes me giggle when RLB can't keep his eyes off my shiny boobs. One shirt in particular is the ultimate man food. It's hot pink with bedazzled rhinestones in the shape of two crossed M16's in the chest area. It's so much fun.

How about your hair? Is it the style that turns your husband's head? A while back, Vox Day wrote a fun post: Women: don't cut your damn hair. I, just now, enjoyed going back and rereading it, especially the comments. I really have no advice to add to what he wrote and what was discussed there. For me, I keep my hair the way RLB likes it. He asked me long ago to color it platinum and keep it that color. He's never had a problem with spending the money it takes to keep it this way. I get plenty of comments on it that range from approval to inquires on how I get it this color to disapproval (from women). I laugh. I could care less what another woman thinks of my hair. "Do I have sex with you? No? Then shut up." There's nothing I understand about women asking each other how they should get their hair done. When it is asked of me, I tell them to grow it long and ask their husbands if he likes it like that.

If he likes makeup on you, wear it. If he likes skirts on you, wear them. If you need to lose some weight, do so. If smell is his thing, wear the perfume he prefers. Again, it's not complicated.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the linkage and the kind words.

  2. Thanks Dalrock, I've been a fan of your writings for a while now. Quality.

  3. For me, I keep my hair the way RLB likes it. He asked me long ago to color it platinum and keep it that color. He's never had a problem with spending the money it takes to keep it this way.

    Love this! It's the same for me; HHG likes me blondie-blonde and is willing to shell out the cash to keep it shiny and pretty, so I do it. I wrote a post entitled Letting Ourselves Go about this topic, too, awhile back if you are interested.

    Good blog, I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  4. I recall a few years ago when I "needed a new look", I got the inverted bob haircut. I actually DID like it (and found it easy to style), but Mr. Northwoods hated it. I grew it out and promised to never go that short again.

    I do think this is one that goes both ways though. Mr. Northwoods goes through phases in which he likes to experiment with various facial hair configurations. Since he has no more "head" hair to work with, I am pretty tolerant of even some of his more questionable facial hair looks. But the day he decided to shave his beard and came out of the bathroom wearing a shit-eating grin and these HIDEOUS 1970's chops, I was like, "Oh, HELL no. That's just not gonna happen."

    A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.


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