Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gladiator - A biblical love story

RLB post.

is the greatest chick flick movie ever. If you understand this concept and teach it to your children, your marriage and your children's marriages will be awesome.

That should be the movie that churches are screening, not Fireproof. You have love for a wife. You have love for country. You have spiritual love. Maybe Paul met the Gladiator and that is why he wrote about Romans having the spirit/truth/law in their hearts despite not hearing the Good News. The movie itself is based on factual events. You might need to read some really old history books to find it, but it's there.

I have gladly and lovingly shared this movie with our children. We have needed to pause and talk many times while watching it. In truth we do the pausing thing a lot when watching movies or TV shows. Something will come up in the show that spurs me to impart some knowledge NOW. I love DVRs, DVDs, and Netflix for this ability. We don't shy away from shows that are considered hedonist. We watch several shows that are simply outrageous to churchians: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Raising Hope, Walking Dead, Whitney, Last Man Standing...

These shows rarely end up being watched all the way through without me stopping it and having a discussion about some biblical truth. The bible gets cracked and sometimes we don't even finish watching the episode or movie because there was too much the kids wanted to talk about. Pop culture and society's norms won't just disappear because you don't recognize its importance in purity living. If you fail to prepare your children and wife for what is going on in society, you prepare them to fail.


  1. 300 is another good "chick flick".

  2. RLB, that sounds great! theory. But let's pretend that I am not a very imaginative person. An example or three of the Biblical/life truths you impart during must-see-TV would be greatly appreciated.
    -Yam Man

  3. The last one we had was during The Walking Dead. It involved a female lover killing her man. Samson and Delilah time.

  4. Another chick flick: battle of red-cliff:


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