Thursday, February 7, 2013

Middle-Aged-Man! Super hero of the future!

RLB post.

I appreciate the kind words about my father and encourage all men to emulate those great men of our history. Whether you had them in your life or not doesn't matter. They existed and we need to be that for the next generation.

I have come to the realization that I will no longer be knocking down doors, killing bad guys, or jumping out of airplanes. I am middle-aged man. There was an awesome Saturday Night Live skit involving a super hero known as Middle-Aged-Man. He knew things like how to fix a car, how to get a mortgage, and other such things. It was a joke about how we elderly are knowledgeable in things that the youngsters don't understand.

I plan on having a large involvement with the VFW or American Legion when I return to civilian life. It is important that those of us with several decades of experience share our knowledge with the younger generation. I don't care if you aren't confident enough about what you have done. Share your life with the youth. They need it.

Every sports fan knows the story of the athlete that hung on to long. Recently, Brett Favre. Joe Montana going to the Chiefs. Michael Jordan with the Bullets. The list goes on and on. Know when your time to enter a different stage in life has come. If you didn't master the previous stage, it doesn't matter. There are others like you coming of age. Educate. Get involved with mentoring the youth. There is currently such a lack of male guidance in our youth that we are facing an historical problem in our country. They need us. Coach a youth sports team. Anything. Just get involved with being a role model for our youth. Don't be Charles Barkley. Be a positive influence. Throw a beached starfish back into the sea because it saved that one. Then tell me about it because I love success stories.

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  1. stg58/Animal MotherFebruary 7, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    Along with the VFW and American Legion, consider getting involved with Oath Keepers.



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