Monday, February 25, 2013

Sex is awesome (in marriage)

There is so much glamorization of sex outside of marriage in our society that many Christians start rejecting any type of sex. It's very sad to me. Sex is awesome. It's the thing about marriage that makes it so much fun. A healthy sex life isn't just a symptom of a good marriage; it is the very definition of a good marriage.

I'm speaking of this as a man that has had sexual problems due to drugs and depression. Also I have witnessed my parents go through similar issues. There is always a problem in the marriage if sex isn't happening on a consistent basis. Don't believe that BS about sex once a month is okay if both partners are okay with it. That's an excuse. The marriage sucks if they aren't having sex frequently. By frequently, I mean a minimum of once a week. Even that is pushing it.

If you and your spouse are having sex two or more times per week, things are going well. I've never seen it to be the case otherwise. Sex is a personal thing. It's supposed to be. It's God's gift. He invented it. The pornographers and Satan did not. God gave it to us as a blessing...and it's all cool in the marriage bed. If you can't trust your spouse enough to talk about what you like during sex, that is a trust and communication issue, not a sex issue. Fix that shit.


  1. Sex is a personal thing. It's supposed to be. It's God's gift. He invented it. The pornographers and Satan did not. God gave it to us as a blessing

    Amen to that. I could not agree more. And in our experience, the moment when either one of us starts pulling away and doesn't want to engage, that is the very time when it is the most important to come together lest Satan tempt us.

  2. Sex seems to be the end all of a person's worth in this society...not a small part of it like it should be.

    You aren't a man unless you bang tons of you aren't a man if you don't display masculine traits all the time. This is why players can be beta and turn into females.

    You aren't a woman unless you have male sexual you aren't a woman if you don't display feminine traits all the time. Sluts are basically men without the penis.

  3. Whoa, minimum once a week? Are you married every day? Or only once a week? Kidding only partially. :)

  4. I'm just amazed at how many couples (i.e. wives) think sex once a month is just fine. It's insane. It is vital to a man's ability to accomplish things in life that he doesn't have to worry about sex. He just gets it whenever he wants and needs it. Wives would be incredibly impressed at their husbands' abilities if they give them the sex they need, desire, and deserve.

  5. It is vital to society/civilization that a man not have to worry about a few things:
    1. regular sex
    2. origin of offspring with the wife
    3. reasonable security of the permanence marital relationship
    4. security of the home (his castle)


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