Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am a forced birth advocate

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She's concerned with the Republican party losing women's support (riiiight) because of their obsession with overturning Roe v. Wade.
“They’re obsessed with this idea of making women — this isn’t pro-life; this is forced birth. They are obsessed with this notion of shaming, compelling, coercing, whatever they have to do to make women give birth."  - Joy Reid
Yes, you moron. I too am obsessed with insisting that babies not be murdered. It is so hard for me to comprehend how evil or insane this woman must be to advocate for the dismemberment of babies.

Women should not vote.


  1. I wonder if someone forced her at gunpoint to spread her legs. Mind you, she seems like the kind of person who'd get off on that. Pardon my french.

  2. I thought it was common knowledge that male fetusus (fetii?) often had their hands on their crotch and that a lot of babies are determined to be male, not because the penis was visible, but because the hands were obscuring the genitals and this behavior is male.

    Yea, it's funny, but it also happens to be valid criteria in the medical world. It's one thing to laugh at it, but to mock it in the name of killing babies? They have no heart, soul or conscience left.

    1. I found that part to be ridiculous as well. And sadly I've seen a lot of coverage of that and liberal pinheads and their faux outrage regarding something the Dr. DIDN'T actually say.


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