Monday, June 17, 2013

Please, don't make them talk. Just let them look pretty.

A beautiful example of why women should not vote:

Isn't she pretty?

Prior to that Miss Utah was asked:
"In 40% of households, women are the primary earners yet they continue to earn less than men, what does this say about our society?"

Men, you are the leaders of this, it's time to
"Create Education Better"

I understand, there's a lot of pressure involved. Sometimes it's hard to get our brains to work, especially if you don't have maps. Who could forget the darling Miss Teen South Carolina from 2007:

Why can't one fifth of Americans locate the US on a world map?
"Some people out there in our nation don't have maps and I believe that our education such as South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should, our education over here in the US should help the US er should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and Asian counties so we will be able to build up our future for our children."


Why do they do this to these young beauties?


  1. Hey now, don't act like men don't have their moments of stupidity. Not to mention that these women had to answer these questions on the spot in front of millions of people.

    Some people can do it, many others can't. It has nothing to do with them being women.

  2. Oh come on. Really? You have heard men say ignorant things such as these? Yes men make mistakes, but I have yet to ever hear stupidity on this level out of a man.

  3. Well, Marie, one really only needs to listen to Joe Biden for a short while to hear any number of stupid gaffes. It's even more disgusting then. Or when our president can't even speak without teleprompters and when his people forget to lay out his written speech. "Uhhh...Uh...Uhhh People!" That's pathetic on a totally different level.

    Dear Renee suffers from defending team women when there really was no comparison of women to men.

    I actually have compassion for these women. They have their platforms and the wonderful good things they'll do should they be crowned. But pageantry is hard work. It is ludicrous to expect her to answer questions regarding the day's politics when she needs to focus on her poise, charm, self confidence and articulation. Should these women have been asked about their platform they would have done a great job. It's the questions that were stupid to begin with.

    The first woman clearly backs up our prior post about ending women's suffrage. She answered honestly and the theory holds true: women will give up liberty in exchange for security.

  4. "The first woman clearly backs up our prior post about ending women's suffrage. She answered honestly and the theory holds true: women will give up liberty in exchange for security. "

    Yes. I don't know if you have been reading SSM's post on "Ravishment", but one theme which was talked about was the great need women have for security, and for feeling safe. I don't think it is something that we men truly understand, that female desire for safety and comfort.

  5. There's a good underlying point here: why is it not enough for a woman to be beautiful, graceful, talented, and pleasant to be with? Why do we think she also has to be intelligent and full of answers to be a complete woman?

    We don't do the same thing to men in the other direction. I'm sure there have been many "Man of the Year" recipients who were ugly and unpleasant to spend time with, but they weren't disqualified for that. They won because they exemplified the masculine traits people respected. Why can't these women be respected for their feminine traits without putting them through these joke questions?

  6. I'm not defending "team women". You made it seem like the amount of stupidity displayed at the Miss America pageant was exclusive to women, and it's not. Like I said, some can do it and some can't.

    Cail Corishev,
    Well I'm thinking that being Miss America means being knowledgeable of current events and what's going on in this country and the world. You know the saying, "More than just a pretty face". They don't have to be "full of answers", they just need to have some idea of what's going on around them, especially if they're going out helping those in need in America and the world. Not to mention that she's representing America.

    And really, men aren't judged for their looks anyway. And I think it's kind of silly for the quality of being pleasant being considered a feminine trait. I guess to me, all people should be encouraged to be pleasant and cordial towards each other.

    1. Well I'm thinking that being Miss America means being knowledgeable of current events and what's going on in this country and the world.


  7. Because she's representing this country when she goes out into the world, and she would show that she isn't clueless as to what's going on around her. When she's out helping those in need, she'll have a better understanding of their plight.

    1. Oh, the "representing the country" nonsense. Yeah, because if I want to know something about Peru, I totally pick up the phone and call Miss Peru to ask her.

      These are beauty contests. We pretend they're something else because feminism says it's wrong to appreciate women for their beauty, but when a winner doesn't have cheekbones that look like she was sculpted out of marble, let me know. If they represent anything, it's a country's pinnacle of beauty and poise. Trying to shoehorn geopolitical knowledge into that is like expecting the chickens I take to the county fair to herd sheep to win a ribbon.

    2. There's nothing wrong to appreciate women for their beauty and poise, but what exactly are we saying when if it stops there? That a woman's worth is only in her physical appearance? Is this something that we should be teaching girls?

      They don't have to be geniuses and know everything single thing about their country, but these women should have some knowledge of what going on and how it's impacting people in need - people they may encounter during their reign.

      Simply put, I think these pageants are just trying to fight the stereotype of beautiful women being dumb, which sometimes doesn't work lol.

  8. Do you expect the same from Gabby Douglas or Missy Franklin?

    Also, just a correction, these women are from Trump's Miss USA pageant, not Miss America.

    They are advertising tools under the veil of raising awareness for various things - particularly Breast cancer/ovarian cancer/other women's issues. The politics of the day should not have to be their concern. She hasn't figured these things out. She's young, unmarried, and childless. Understanding the NSA surveillance scandal and having an opinion on it, the state of primary breadwinners in the home and what to do about it, or the decline of education in our country and what to do about it are things our seasoned political leaders can't figure out. To ask these questions of these young ladies is just to get their political bend, it's irrelevant.

    1. Thanks for the correction :)

      Anyway, I don't think it's irrelevant. It sends a message that a woman can be beautiful and smart. It's fine to appreciate a woman's beauty and poise, but if the appreciation stops there, what message are we sending to girls (I'm speaking in terms of a reflection on society, not really in terms of girls watching the pageants)? That the only way to win in life is to be beautiful? That a woman's worth is mainly her beauty? A contestant being asked these questions and her answering them intelligently (or at least in a way that makes sense) shows that it's ok for a woman to be beautiful and smart...and that it's possible lol. Beauty and brains and all that.

      As for Gabby, Missy, and athletes in general...I don't expect them to be knowledgeable, but it would be GREAT if they were.

      To me pageants seem to be leaning towards the humanitarian front, so having some idea of what's going on today and how it impacts those in need would help in understanding and empathizing them while helping them. It's a different type of platform, if that makes sense. I mean, you're identifies by the country you're from by you're title.

      For athletes, it seems to be more endorsements and public appearances, although they do do their share of charity work. And anyway an knowledgeable and eloquent speaking athlete would show kids that it's ok and cool to be smart and an athlete, that's it's ok to be smart in and of itself.

      Honestly, being young, unmarried, and childless is not an excuse. It may be a reason, but it's not an excuse. This goes for men and women.

    2. Renee,
      The goal of pageant contestants is to win, to be the best. They become the best by studying beauty and poise. Regardless of whether it's how a girl is to win in life (it will certainly help her win in life), it is how she wins a pageant.

      A HUGE part of a woman's worth is her beauty.

      Pageants are about money (prize money, publicity, endorsements, modeling contracts, acting careers etc). They are about competition, striving to be the best and winning. And, there is NOTHING wrong with that.

    3. A HUGE part of a woman's worth is her beauty

      And that's sad. Like how people judge a man's worth by how much money is in his pocket. But hey, that's how it is....

  9. Hey now, don't act like...

    You made it seem...

    I highly recommend your assessment of what I have to say be made using the words on the page.

    To do otherwise can only be projection.

    I understand, it's a normal response (illogical men do it too), one of my goals is to make it evident how often this is done and how often those assumptions are wrong.

    1. My assessment was made based on the words on the page. No projection from my end. You basically said that based on the women in question, that it's proof that all women shouldn't be allowed to vote. I just pointed out that idiocy is present in both men and women.

      And what's with "illogical men", as if men as a whole only come either as illogical and logical?

  10. Renee,
    I'm going to respond to you but I'm going to do it in a post of its own. Your comments here are indicative of a very common trait among women that is highly frustrating. I'll take this opportunity to expound on it.

  11. SD, if you'll allow me the opportunity to be a complete dick:

    Renee, these women did not win pageants at the local and state level for their acumen, their intelligence or their ability to "think on their feet".

    These women are there because they are physically very, very beautiful.

    No one cares, nor should anyone care, what these girls know (or, more accurately, don't know) about Latin American politics or the state of US education or Chinese pseudo-socialist economics. They are there to look hot, walk around in swimsuits causing boners in 14 year old boys, and be a nice, healthy diversion.




    1. No problem deti, I don't find your comment dickish at all - just the truth.

    2. Well you may not care, but some knowledge of current events - or at all - is part of scoring process. All pageants are doing by asking these questions is displaying that beauty is more than just looks. That one can be beautiful and smart.

      But hey, if pageants are simply ways to make money and publicity, endorsements, modeling contracts, acting careers, etc, as SarahsDaughter said, then shoot, fine by me :)

      Believe it or not, I don't even watch beauty pageants, not since I was a kid or in my early teens at least.

  12. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a beefcake?
    I am a fairly attractive woman (who also happens to be quite intelligent)
    So I have had my share of beefcakes come up to me and talk to me.
    I have had to hold my laugh at times when these beefcakes tried to talk...
    There are some beautiful women who also have a lot of intelligence, and some knock-out men as well (I am NOT beauty-pageant material, FYI)
    But we are watching the cross-section of women who are truly stunning beauties with very little intelligence (or at least verbal skills)
    Just want to share the fairness for the gorgeous sexes


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