Thursday, October 31, 2013

Living in the eye of the storm.

It's an interesting concept. Imagine trying to understand what direction to go while the hurricane passes over you. Now, imagine the only security is in the eye of the storm. There is no safety outside of the eye. The hurricane encompasses the entire planet except for the eye. How do you make decisions?

That is the way I view living life. The understanding of what to do in the eye is the Holy Spirit's guidance. There isn't a single meteorologist that will tell you with 100% accuracy where a hurricane will move. That is what the Holy Spirit can do. That is why legalism based Judaism and Christianity fail. The mystery is the Holy Spirit. The Living Word. Faith.

I am leaving the Army and entering a different phase of life. Chaos ensues. Home sales, moving issues, children issues, back surgery issues, where SD works out issues... The list is long and varied. The consistent part in this is my prayer life. I can't stop. I continue to be blessed as a result of it.

I decided where we would move based on the needs of our family long term versus short term. These issues included tribal, religious, and moral similarities. My ability to make money was secondary. Now, as we move forward to where I decided we would live, I find great opportunity financially. The prayer life I had leading to this decision was the important part here. At a different time in life, I was led a completely different direction. That is why the Holy Spirit is so important. It guides you based on where you are in life. If your prayer life sucks, your decisions suck. Get good at praying. Don't pray out of obligation; pray for revelation.

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  1. Get good at praying.

    Excellent advice. I find myself amongst Christian Churches that claim the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all ceased. I asked them then what is the point of God painting a target on our backs and leaving us behind in enemy territory....defenseless. Is He cruel? Never.

    How do you witness to others with that hopelessness? No wonder so many see nothing worth changing for.

    Praying for you and yours.


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