Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Megyn Kelly is a feminist.

As long as Megyn Kelly and Sarah Palin are the heroes of the Republicans, conservatives lose. These women have nothing in common with Christian values. The issues they raise compared to Bible believing Christians are stark and divisive. They don't care for their children. They shop their children out to someone less qualified to raise them. In one instance a nanny; in the other a father/daughter/mother.

There is nothing redeeming about a mother rejecting her primary God given duty. It is the exact same as a man rejecting his God given duty to provide. They deserve zero approval. They are the very reason conservatives find themselves in logical stalemates. Intelligent women need to birth and raise children while supporting their husbands. They need to educate those children and raise them to guide society towards God and His will. When they fail to do that, our society collapses.

There is no such thing as equality. God spoke it thus as He kicked them out of Eden. This is not news to a Christian. The foundation of a community starts at the family level and these women are disgusting in that regard.


  1. Which is why the Republicans lost me with Sarah Palin, instead of gained me. I pulled out of all church things because I was sick and tired of hearing how she was Esther too.

    Same old thing. Sure, if you are a women you should follow the Bible...unless you are special like me.

    Who doesn't want to be above the rules?

    Mrs. Duggar and Miss Kay are better role models then either of them!

  2. Amen, sister, and well put.

    I would include all the high IQ ladies in this, too. Do you know how high IQ ladies can be of the most use to conservatives and to their Lord? By making high IQ babies. We don't need female engineers and female lawyers and female doctors, or not many of them anyway. What we need are decent mothers who have more than one child.

    1. Oopsie, I neglected to notice who had published this! I thought it was SD. My apologies, sir!

    2. You are right about the best use of high IQ women. Babies and homeschooling. We need the anti-Idiocracy model happening.

  3. This reminds me of the blog post my oldest daughter wrote comparing me to Sarah Palin, way back in 2008.


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