Monday, April 29, 2013

Goal Date: September 1, 2013

...This may sound too simple, but is great in consequence.
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:
    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!
- W. H. Murray, from The Scottish Himalayan Expedition (1951)
Something RLB discussed with me the other day has been swirling around in my head. I appreciate so much how he takes the time to teach and guide me towards betterment. What he talked with me about was intentions verses results.

I always keep a very substantial to do list. It's one of the things I love and hate about myself simultaneously. I love that it keeps me organized and focused. I hate that I'm never done doing. There's always something that can weigh on my mind of what I need to get done and often times I allow it to overwhelm me and distract me from feeling content.

I decided that day to complete two items on my to do list; clean the shed and clean the garage. I got busy early in the morning. I trimmed the grass on the side of the garage, treated the area with bug spray, created an orderly wood pile, hauled garbage from the shed up to the garage for garbage day, hauled the items that were cluttering up the garage into the shed, swept, sorted, and organized both.


What's next?

RLB could tell that I wasn't feeling the sense of accomplishment that I should have felt after completing the task I set out to do. He said, "You seem to focus primarily on intent and not on results. You should be feeling great about all that you were able to get done today. Look around, the garage looks terrific. Yet you are thinking of all the other things you need to get done."

I've continued to think on this and how it applies to my weight loss and fitness journey. I was very successful at hitting a weight loss goal a few years ago when he was in Officer Candidate School. I had purchased a beautiful dress to wear to his graduation that was three sizes too small. I had set the bar high and had to focus on the results. I only had a few months worth of time to hit the goal. This kept me very motivated each and every day. I didn't have a day to spare. I could not procrastinate. I had to keep on going.

I haven't had that kind of focus and determination this time around. I have a goal in mind but I don't have a date on it. Because exercise has become a lifelong commitment for me, I've had a "when it happens, it happens" attitude about my goals. However this has allowed for me to excuse a few days here and there when I've gotten complacent. I've had some excuses and overall haven't put in the consistent effort it will take to finish losing this excess fat.

Even as I write this, I'm hesitating because I know what I'm about to do and when I hit "publish" I'll be committed. Ugh!

I will be using this post as a daily journal of what I do each day from now until September 1, 2013.

That is the goal date.

September 1, 2013.  I will weigh 150 pounds. My BMI will be 22.8. My fat percentage will be 24%.

I will be doing a combination of lifting weights, high intensity interval training, brisk walking, or whatever else (the deck of cards workout, for example).

You are invited to join me in this. Please feel free to use this post as your daily journal, or start your own. It will be linked at the upper right of the blog under the title: Goal date: September 1, 2013.




  1. I will join you. I have set a mini date of June 1st to hit my first goal of another 20 pounds (I lost 19 so far). But I would like to be at my goal weight, which is actually the same as you (funny, from your picture and description, it sounds like you and I could be Sisters if not twins. Do you have blue eyes too? LOL).

    Last time I had a large amount of weight to lose I set a wedding as my goal date. This date will work because I would love to go to our HighSchool Reunions which would be the following year.

    Also, just because I read a bit about it and decided to rethink things...I am looking into waist cinchers and compression stockings. I was always told not to waste my time, but after three pregnancies and two c-sections I think I was mislead.

    I have seen the results Jessica Alba (and others) have had after using coresettes and cinchers to recover from pregnancies and think I really missed out. I am wearing one today and noticed an IMMEDIATE ceasing of appetite. I think I was mislead into wearing comfortable clothing when wearing structured undergarmets is what I should have done.

    I will be working out in the compression stockings because I have a friend who does those wraps (wrapping with ace bandages and working out). Amazing results, but why not cut to the quick and do compression stockings and a cincher instead? I do not have time to wrap myself in ace bandages LOL.

    I don't think these things magically make you lose weight. But I do think they give you a very concrete form of feedback and can help with trouble areas.

    I am sorry if I come off crazy. Just been rethinking things lately. My Grandmother never had a single bulge and always had an hourglass figure. She always recommended foundation garments. I was always told this was horrible for you.

    However, I go out and see bulges everywhere and no foundation garments. I think we have been feed a bunch of lies.

    Sorry so long.

    I will be reading and pushing along with you.

    Keep going!

    And thanks to your blog, I repented of my gluttony, explained it to my family and THIS time when I lose this horrible weight it will not be to get to the point where I can pig out (yes, that is what I did last time, crazy).

    It will be to model good conduct and develope good character in myself and to be set free from this sin.

    Again, thank you for all your sharing.

  2. Fantastic Carlotta! And yes, I have blue eyes. :)

    I will keep you in my prayers. Together we'll bust through temptation or at least pick one another back up when set backs occur.

    I've never looked into compression stockings or cinchers before. I'll have to check it out.

    1. I will keep you in my prayers. Together we'll bust through temptation or at least pick one another back up when set backs occur.

      That would be lovely :)

      Do look into them. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival from Amazon and will let you know in a couple of months if they work. I can tell you my old c section belt made very, very tight does have an immediate effect so I am looking forward to this.

      And of course, corsettes are HOT LOL.

    2. And yes, I have blue eyes. :)

      Alright, now I am freaked out.....LOL

  3. April 29 workout complete:
    Warm up - 2 Rounds: 10 Heaving Snatch Balance
    10 Behind the Neck Jerks (33 lb bar)

    Work out: Overhead Squat: 5,5,5,5,5 (max 73 lb)

    2. For time: Run 400 meters, 143 lb Deadlift x 30, Run 400 meters (12:29)

  4. Sure why not! I'll join.
    Goal date: July 3
    Goal weight loss: 15lbs to weigh a total of 125

    Today's workout
    Warmup: boxer shuffle for 2 minutes
    20 seconds burpees 10 second rest x8 rounds
    20 seconds speed skater with 5lb weights 10 second rest x 8rounds
    20 seconds plank with row with 5lb weights 10 second rest x8 rounds
    1 minute jumping lunges (40 accomplished)

    Thanks for doing this SD. Good luck Carlotta, and SD of course!

    Just a quick note, I am trying to lose the baby weight. He was born December 18. I am down 10lbs and 5 inches so far!

    1. I also just walked a mile. Had to go down to the post office which is roughly a mile from my house.

    2. Awesome, Marie! Glad you're on board too.

    3. Hi Marie! We worked out doing pilates as a family and I can't really move today LOL. We are doing it again today along with major cleaning because we have lots of errands this week and won't be home.

      I will hopefully be working my way up to Crossfit. I have a very bad injury that I am working around. But there are ways to do it:)_

      I think it is true, women quite simply didn't have time to get fat when they were running around doing everything at home. I rarely sit down! Whoooo

  5. April 30
    1 1/4 mile sprints (run as fast as I can for as long as I can, walk until recovered)

    I had a slow start today and had errands to run. So here I was with a truck full of groceries getting home at 8:30 and still hadn't done anything toward my goal. So I gave myself a little talking too, told the kids to unload the groceries and strapped on my running shoes to sprint around our country block.

  6. You all might be interested in myfitnesspal or fitocracy.

    1. Thank you Anon:

      There's so much assistance and information available right at our fingertips. No excuses, right ladies?

  7. May 1 Workout
    Warm up: 400 meter run and 400 meter row

    1. 15 Minutes of gymnastics skill work. 20 scaled handstand push ups, 20 scaled muscle ups, 5 minutes of wall hand stands working on getting off the wall.

    Clean and Jerk new PR 93lbs.

    2. For 20 minutes:

    Even minutes: Clean and jerk x 1 (83 lbs)

    Odd minutes: 5 kipping Pullups with resistance bands.

  8. Ok. I just gained four freakin pounds in three days while low carbing and working out. WTH? SD you inspire me with your workouts. I cried through pilates. I will never get fat again. It sucks.

    1. It's not that time of the month is it? I always go up five pounds then. And, remember, working out builds muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Weigh yourself every two weeks and pay attention to how your clothes are fitting. It's a much better gauge of how you're progressing. And, don't get discouraged. This is a long term goal. Hang in there! :)

  9. Just had that time which is why I am so mad lol. My dietician said she thinks I am not drinking enough water and am retaining water. Who knows :). Clothes are looser. Horrible pain after pilates is the fat dying :)

  10. Hey guys!

    Hope you don't mind if I jump in. I saw SD's link to this blog post on FB the other day, and I realized how complacent I'd become. I need to get back on track, and I need to stay accountable.

    My backstory: In March of 2010 I decided I was tired of being obese. I don't often reveal my high weight (or "the number") to anyone, but let's just say it was well over 200 lbs. Over the next two years I lost a significant amount of weight, primarily by calorie counting and exercise. I use an iphone app called "Lose it" and I was also a regular on the "3 fat chicks" website in the "calorie counters" forum. I'd join the various quarterly challenges and it helped me stay accountable and on track.

    Spring of 2012 I hit my lowest weight in years and then plateaued. Summer was coming up (I work in education, so have my summers off), so I decided to take a "maintenance" break for a few months, with a plan to get back on track and lose the last 20 lbs starting in the fall. I was successful with maintenance in that I didn't gain, and it took minimal effort. I wasn't counting calories every day and I'm naturally more active in the summer. Keeping the weight off was easy! Or so I thought...

    Fall rolls around, I'm back at work and I'm sitting at a desk most of the day again. I knew I should start being more careful about what I eat since I wasn't as active, but I got lazy and didn't want to start counting calories again. I knew I should start exercising more, but I didn't do that eitehr. Before I know it, it's the holidays. More excuses. I'll get back on track in January. The winter drags on (and on), more excuses. Now it's spring and I still haven't done anything. My clothes are getting tight, I know I've gained but I don't want to know how much. Living in denial.

    Then I see SD's post and it's just the kick in the ass I need. I finally weighed myself and saw that I'm up almost 17 lbs since my low weight last spring. So now I need to lose THAT 17 lbs PLUS the 20 I originally needed to lose to get to my primary goal. Ugh. But, it is what it is and I'm doing something about it!

    My 1st goal is to lose the 17 lbs by mid-July in time for an annual event I attend every year. I have started using my app again and I have started exercising again. I'm going to weigh in every Friday, with the exception of this Friday since I just weighed in this week. SD has graciously agreed to let me post here for accountability. Thank you for that!

    I look forward to getting to "know" you guys and I promise future posts will be briefer ;)

    1. Hello Northwoods! Glad you joined us and good luck! :) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

    2. Thanks :)

      Great workouts, you guys! I already feel like a slacker. I got my butt in gear on Tuesday, did a 30 minute walk with the dog (with hills, so a little more strenuous than it sounds :) Yesterday I had a long work day, but I did squeeze in 20 minutes of yoga. Not sure what's on the agenda for this evening, but it will be something!

  11. Today's workout:
    jog in place 2 min
    high knees 1 min
    squats 1 min

    1 min pushups
    1 min side & back lunges combo
    1 min thrusters (down to plank, jump up to squat, repeat)
    Repeat entire series x4
    1 min jump and squat (43 achieved)

    I didn't workout yesterday, I could make 100 excuses, but none of them matter, I didn't... I feel super guilty posting it here. This really is effective SD. Thank you!

  12. Ok, I am back down two pounds, there maybe something to the retaining thing. My Husband says to stop freakin weighing myself. LOL.

    I am doing callentics right now. I am in horrible pain :)

    Last, I think the corsette might be a gamechanger people. I thought it was a load of crap but Grandma is right. It holds you in and you look great. However, it appears to have gastric bypass properties AND when you take it off you will maintain some of that shape. I have only been wearing it for three days and today was the first day I took it off and could feel the abs working to correct the sudden loss of support. I am killing myself with abs too, so that helps.

    I had three babies, two c-sections, one right after another and could kick myself for not using one of these right away.

    Just got the compression tights and will be doing cardio in them to see if I can get the bandage wrap results. Will let you know.

    I am telling you, I am doing corsettes and garters for life now!

  13. Good job Marie. Hi Northwoods. You can kill that extra weight gain going low carb or paleo if that type of thing works for you. I am drinking my nice little apple cider vinegar as well and that helps. Off to try dandelion tea....oh and Trim Healthy Mama has reipes for chocolate that makes you LOSE weight.Fun!

  14. May 2
    Our home is full with visiting family members for our nephew's Basic Training graduation. But even being busy with that, my sister-in-law, daughter and I did a brisk mile and a quarter walk. Marie knows what I mean by brisk, my goodness it's cold and windy here today!

    So happy to see Northwoods on board!

  15. Carlotta: congrats on the 2 lbs, yay!

    SD: I too, am in for a brisk walk. Just so happy the snow is gone, I'll put on my hat & gloves if I have to just so I don't have to workout inside. I hear they are getting a foot plus over in WI...ouch!

    Proud to say I've been under my calorie limit for 2 days now, and am on track today as well. What are you guys doing for diet? I've tried low carb, but it's not something I can stick to long term. I like the "budgeting" aspect of CC. If I really want to blow 300 cals on a donut, I can, but I'll pay for it later when I'm hungry and out of calories. Forces you to budget wisely, but you don't feel like you "blew" it if you make a not so healthy choice once in a while.

    1. I currently am not "dieting" I am nursing my little one. At first I attempted to cut calories and saw a HUGE reduction in my milk supply so I quit doing it and I just try not to eat junk. I NEVER eat out and I try not to eat anything after 6 pm.

    2. Speaking of eating out, my husband and I used to quite frequently when we lived in town. I would say at least once a week we would eat fast food. At the time I didn't really think anything of it, but almost a year ago we moved about 17 miles from town and we don't really have the option to eat out anymore (which is a REALLY good thing). Not only are we saving a lot of money, but it has helped both of our waist lines...

      About a month or so ago we hit up McDonnalds because we had been out all day, it was late, the kids were grumpy and we just wanted a quick hunger fix. I ordered a small cheeseburger and a small fries. That is it. (remember I haven't eaten out in months). Not only was I nauseated that evening, but my stomach was so messed up the next day it was HORRIBLE! Fast food is so toxic. I never knew how bad it was until I quit eating it all together, then ate it once more.

      From that experience, we do not ever eat out if we can help it. We eat before we leave the house, take water along, and just hold out till we can get home and cook.

      I HIGHLY suggest that if you ladies are eating out, even just a few times a month STOP!

    3. We go out to dinner about once a week. While I'm well aware that even "healthy" restaurant food packs a bunch of hidden calories, we do try to make good choices. Tonight we're doing Mexican, sharing fajita plate. We try to choose dishes with lean meats and lots of veggies. I really wish we had a Vietnamese place in our town. Fresh spring rolls....mmmmm!

      I know what you mean about feeling gross after eating fast food. I can't remember the last time we had a fast food burger/fries. As a general rule, we pretty much avoid anything deep fried. (One occasional exception being when we fry up fish we caught ourselves. Yeah, broiling/baking is better, and we do that too...but you gotta do a fish fry a couple times a year!)

      When we're out and about on weekends we do sometimes grab a fast food sub, salad or a grilled chicken sandwich, but too much of that highly processed stuff isn't good either.

    4. Oh, and once a year (literally), I do indulge in that "fair food" favorite, fried cheese curds. They're pure evil. SD understands :)

  16. Marie, I never ate fast food growing up and the few times I tried it we became very ill. I try to not eat it but DH likes it. Otherday when He wanted to go I fed me and the kiddos before we left so only they had a treat.

    I would say do not diet while nursing just eat really well. Oatmeal helped my milk. Caffine can dry u up and antihistamines or decongestants too. The only times I had problems was not enough food or water.
    I like the flexibility of CC but I get on a craving cycle if I have most carbs. I am really stable limiting. But if we do dessert we no longer inhale five lol.
    Just so u know I cried from pain today but did it anyway. Do ballet in front on your DH. I was delightfully sexually molested lol.

    Enjoy your company SD.

    1. "Do ballet in front of your DH."

      Too funny, IDK how long you have been reading SD's blog, but I taught her daughters dance for a while. I actually taught dance before having baby number 2. Now I am needed at home as things here on the home front have changed DRAMATICALLY, that is a whole other can of worms though... it would take a lifetime to type out. I digress.... I know the power of dance over the DH. :)

    2. LOL. When then know a great way to get in your dance and then your cardio workouts.

      Thank you, thank you, I will be here all week :)

  17. Good gracious! That should be in front of your Husband. Hey now!

  18. I just mentioned your blog on my radio show today

    I know I asked you before and you guys didn't want to do an interview, but if you ever change your mind I would love to have you on. I would do a two parter where we would first focus on your Broken post and then how you guys met and got married. Then how God worked in your lives and what you are doing now. I would send you the questions before hand :) I have so enjoyed the other interviews I did and I am gearing up to harass other bloggers I enjoy to chat with me too :)

    But until you are interested, I will be mentioning your great posts here and there and letting you know :)

    God Bless off to work out...

  19. May 4
    Swam one kilometer (40 laps)

  20. Sunday, May 5 - Day of rest

    Monday, May 6:

    Warm up: 40 Kettle bell swings (35 lbs)
    Back squats: 4 sets of 5 max weight 103 lbs - this was low for me because in the 4th set I pulled something in my leg.

    3 rounds of:
    10 push ups
    15 20 in. box jumps

  21. Happy Monday, guys.

    Today I am on track with my calories. This evening's exercise will consist of yard work. We have quite the mess from last fall as we never got to the leaf blowing before the snow fell. I suspect this will be my task most of this week as I have about an acre's worth of leaves to rake and sticks and crap to pick up. It is beautiful out today, so I'm actually looking forward to being outside.

  22. After a very stressful weekend im back to the grindstone.

    Todays workout:
    A bit of housework today, which I usually dont count towards exercise, but today I moved every piece of furnature, cleaned the dust bunnies, and mopped my entire kitchen/living/dining rooms on my hands and knees. Worked up quite a sweat!

    1. I say housework counts, especially deep cleaning like you did. We have company coming this weekend and it's supposed to rain today, so I will probably take a break from raking and focus on cleaning after work. May try get a little yoga in too, but I'm definitely "counting" my housework ;)

  23. May 7
    My daughters had their "dry land" workout today for swim team. I asked them if it would embarrass them if I joined in. They said it would so, of course, I obliged. It was one hour mix of exercises led by an Army Sergeant Major. Great workout!

    Hmmm, I see Northwoods, and Marie...Carlotta??? Where are you?

    1. The public embarrassment of teens/tweens is a dying art :) Sounds like a great workout!

      Day two of raking yesterday. I'll tell ya, if you're looking for a way to get rid of the old bat wings, raking is great for the triceps!

      I was within my calories yesterday, but ate too much junky stuff. I was starving after raking and it was going to be a while before dinner was ready, so I raided the snacks. At least they were portion controlled and accounted for, but I definitely need to do better with that today.

    2. We don't own a tree. It's so sad. We are completely without a leaf to rake. We will be redoing our driveway with loads of gravel, that should provide for a good workout.

    3. We have to re-gravel our driveway sometime soon too. If you want leaves, I'd be happy to send you some of ours :)

  24. I checked in with a workout yesterday SD (I cleaned my entire house worth of hard floors on my hands and knees)... Maybe you didn't see it...

    Todays workout:
    1 min boxer shuffle
    30 Jumping Jacks

    40 squats with overhead press (5lb weights)
    40 lunges (L&R) with bicep curls (5lb weights)
    30 burpess
    30 side bends (5lb weights)
    20 crunches
    20 revers crunches
    20 side crunches (L&R)
    10 Planks (10 second hold each)

    1. I saw that hon, reading back what I wrote I can see the confusion. I meant to say I see Marie and Northwoods. And I'm wondering where Carlotta has gone. :)

      Great workout there Marie! Those squats are miracle workers!

  25. May 8
    1 1/4 mile sprint intervals with my daughter
    1 1/4 mile walk with my daughter and the hounds. The hounds always think it's a good idea until we get a mile in. Then we end up dragging them home.

    1. Ha! My dog is the same way. Granted he's not a pup anymore (he's 10), but you wouldn't know that at the beginning of a W-A-L-K.

      Deep cleaned half the house last night, going to finish up today. Hubby finished with the leaves yesterday, can't say I'm too disappointed about that :) Did much better food wise, NO junk (save for the 100 calorie pack I have as my mid-afternoon snack) and well within my calorie budget.

      Tomorrow is my first official weigh in day since the "re-boot" last week. I'm still kinda sore from raking, so I'm guessing I might be retaining water and may not see a big drop on the scale. I know I've been doing (almost) everything right though...sometimes my body likes to hold on to the weight for a week or two and then I'll see a "whoosh" on the scale. Still hoping for a little movement in the right direction though :)

  26. I'll be following this diet Monday through Friday. I got it from a friend several years ago. Every time I've done it I've lost five pounds. I'm trying to bust through these 170's into 160's. I'll weigh myself Monday morning and again Saturday morning and let you know my results. You'll see it's not a diet you can maintain consistently (unless you really like eggs) but it is one that varies things and can easily be done once a month to boost your weight loss progress:

    Day One:
    Breakfast - up to 3 eggs, 6 oz grapefruit juice, coffee or tea
    Lunch - up to 3 eggs/tomato, coffee or tea
    Dinner - up to 3 eggs/lettuce/tomato/dry toast, coffee or tea

    Day Two:
    Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs, 6 oz of grapefruit juice, coffee or tea
    Lunch - 1 or 2 eggs/tomato/spinach, coffee or tea
    Dinner - Roast beef/tomato/celery/lettuce/black olives/cucumber, coffee or tea

    Day Three:
    Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs, 6 oz of grapefruit juice, coffee or tea
    Lunch - 1 or 2 eggs/tomato/spinach, coffee or tea
    Dinner - Two pork chops/celery/tomato/cucumber, coffee or tea

    Day Four:
    Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs, 6 oz of grapefruit juice, coffee or tea
    Lunch - Combo salad (lettuce/tomato/cucumber, coffee or tea
    Dinner - eggs, cottage cheese, spinach, dry toast, coffee or tea

    Day Five:
    Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs, 6 oz of grapefruit juice, Coffee or tea
    Lunch - Fruit salad (fresh fruit only), coffee or tea
    Dinner - Roast/celery/cucumber, coffee or tea

    Day Six: Repeat day five

    Day Seven:
    Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs, 6 oz of grapefruit juice, coffee or tea
    Lunch - Cold chicken/tomato/cucumber, coffee or tea
    Dinner - Veggie soup/chicken/tomato/cucumber, coffee or tea

    It is a seven day plan that you can just repeat. I use a lot of homemade salsa with this diet, I put it on the eggs and the lettuce.

  27. Wow, that's gotta be a pretty low cal diet. Just eyeballing it, I'm guessing maybe 1000-1200/day? I can see where that would be a good "jump start" type thing. Definitely wouldn't be sustainable long term, at least not for me. I'd be willing give it a try though. Might have to wait until summer as I'd pretty much be limited to boiled eggs during a typical workweek. I look forward to hearing how you do with this.

  28. May 9
    I'll list what was programmed at the gym and then in bold I'll put what the scaled version I did was:

    Warm up: 3 rounds of Glute ham raise x 10 / Sit up x 10

    1. 5 Intervals of:

    Max 2/1.5 pood kettlebell swings in 1 minute (Russian) - 1 one minute interval with 1.5 pood (52 lbs), the remaining 4 intervals I used a 45 lb kettlebell

    Rest 1 minute between intervals

    2. For time: (22 Min)

    50′ Handstand walk - 100' plank walk using a roller thingy under my feet

    30 Glute ham sit ups

    50′ Handstand walk - 100' plank walk using a roller thingy under my feet

    20 Burpees

    50′ Handstand walk - 100' plank walk using a roller thingy under my feet

    10 Bar muscle ups - 20 pullups with resistance band 10 dips with resistance band (should have been 20 but I hit muscle failure and chose to be done :)

    1. I'm feeling it this morning. It's a good hurt. Today's workout will be even more interesting. The girls are going with me because they've never seen me lift before. I think it's pay backs for me invading their workout space on Tuesday. That and the youngest wants to climb the rope.

  29. Weigh in is about what I expected, down a pound. Obviously not super dramatic, but I'll take it. My clothes are already feeling better, so I'm making progress in the right direction. Onward and downward! Have a great weekend, ladies.

  30. May 10
    Warm up: 500 meter row & 50 jumping jacks

    For time: (40 min)
    40 Kneeling squat jumps
    40 Push press’ @ 53 lbs
    40 Double leg mountain climbers
    40 Front squats @ 53 lbs
    40 Lateral barbell jumps
    40 Hang power cleans @ 53 lbs

  31. Today's Workout:
    Jog 1.2 miles (pushing stroller)

    I started out walking and I didn't feel like it was enough, so I jogged! YAY! I can tell my other workout has been working because a couple months ago I could never have jogged a mile. GO ME! LOL

    Also no workout for yesterday, I left my house at 8am and didn't get home till after 5 oclock. It was a LONG day.

    1. Good for you on the jogging! Such a good feeling when you make that kind of progress, isn't it?

  32. Saturday, May 11
    Rest day

    Sunday, May 12
    Gardening. The squats, the bending over...
    Okay, I meant to go for a walk too but I suck and decided to blog instead. :)

  33. Weekend report:

    Friday: Calories, good. No workout--Friday is my traditional "chill out" evening.
    Saturday: Oy. Overate. Nephew's birthday (cake) then we ended up going to the casino with the in laws and hit the buffet. No good.
    Sunday: Much better. 45 minute walk (and even a little jogging) with the dog. Calories back on track.

  34. Monday morning weigh in before I start the egg/coffee diet: 174 lbs
    If I didn't actually see my other family members weigh themselves on this scale I would swear it was stuck at this number.

  35. May 13
    Warm up: 2 rounds of 10 wall balls and 10 push ups

    1. Front Squat: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 *New PR 113 lbs!

    2. The workout was called "Gwen" - I don't know who she is but she's a mean girl:
    Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps
    Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.
    I used 63 lbs and failed on the 9 rep set, I got to 7 and both arms gave out.

  36. Sorry I have been off the map the past few days. My husband works very hard and is exhausted when he gets home. I have taken on more responsibility around the house. The past few days I have been doing yard work, gardening, and today I am getting the pool ready for the season. I don't get a ton of time to get things done (usually nap time is it) so any free time I have I have been working outside. I'll get back to the grind when things are under control around here.

    1. This is all on top of my usual house duties. So any time I get has been put to work.

    2. I think that all qualifies, hon! It's all about movin' your bod.

    3. Well the pool yesterday ended up being quite a job. Our cover fell in about half way through winter so we ended up with a pool half full of dirt, bugs, and swamp water. I drained it. While it was draining I used a broom and pushed the dirt up and towards the drain. Our pool is free standing so once it was "drained" there was about ankle deep water left in the bottom that was below the drain. I literally "bailed out" the water that was left with a bucket. So I got quite a workout yesterday! My forearms are quite sore today.

    4. I agree with SD. Exercise is exercise, even if it's "work."

  37. May 14
    Manual labor - 1 hour working on the pool
    Walked 1 1/4 mile

    1. Sunday: walk/hike with dog (so nice to get back in the woods!)
      Monday/Tuesday: more raking! Yes, we thought we were done, but the winds have been crazy the past few days, so more leaves blew back into the yard. Grrrr...
      Today: It's going to be beautiful out, I'm thinking another walk/hike with the dog.

      Calories: went a tad over Sunday, been on track so far this work week. I'm kind of sloppy with my measuring though, really need to tighten that up a bit. I do overestimate to make up for it, but those extra calories certainly have a way of sneaking in if you're not careful.

  38. May 15
    Warm up: 25 Burpees
    For time: (33:26) - It was the owners birthday, thus the difficulty level
    Strict press x 5 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Push press x 10 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Thruster x 15 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Squat snatch x 20 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Thruster x 15 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Push press x 10 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5
    Strict press x 5 (53lb)
    Scaled Muscle ups x 5

  39. Today's workout:
    Bikini butt lift workout on DailyBurn. (20 min workout)

    This week is my monthly taping. However, this week also falls on "that time of the month" so I'm going to delay my tape until next week. Weight, still the same as when I started entry on this blog :/

  40. May 16
    3 more hours of exhausting labor on the pool. I've had to dig out the bottom rails to re-install the sheet metal. I'm beat.

  41. Friday morning weigh in after four full days of the egg/coffee diet: 169! (five pound loss)

    I will be doing "day five" yet today but tonight I'll probably have a couple of drinks with RLB so I wanted to weigh in a day early. I followed the diet with these exceptions: I used a TBS bacon grease each time I fried the eggs, I used a TBS of salad dressing or an ounce of cheese on each salad. On Wed my girls made chocolate chip cookies so I, of course, had to try one or two...okay three. :) And, yesterday after working on the pool I had a drink.

    I'll slack up a bit this weekend and see if I gain any of that back and then start again on Monday to hopefully get down into the mid 160's.

    1. Yay you!!! That's awesome.

      I am down another pound. Slow, but steady. I'm thinking of ways I can shake things up a bit next week. Definitely need to tighten up my measuring, going to add some weights in and maybe cut out some extra carbs. That will have to wait a couple days as we are also having a few drinks this weekend...going camping in spite of the gas prices and the rain :)

      I will catch up with you ladies Monday. Have a great weekend!

    2. At least it seems to finally be done snowing up there! Enjoy your weekend! I'm a bit jealous. You'll be fishing too, won't you.

    3. Actually, no fishing this time. 4 wheeling. Hope that makes you feel a little better :)

    4. Well, not really. Sounds like a blast. I'm very happy for you, though. A year from now we hope to join you somewhere in a camping/fishing/poker playing adventure! :)

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ugh, I mean to post in the sub-thread and it shows up as a new post. Sorry about that! Anyway, yes, that would be awesome! You'll have to keep us posted.

  43. May 17
    Warm up: 2 rounds of 1 minute double/single unders (jump rope) 1 min. plank pose
    1. Push ups 10,8,6,4,2
    2. Pullup (with resistance bands: 10,8,6,4,2
    3. Max distance Broad jump - 73 inches
    4. Max double unders in 60,50,40,30,20,10 seconds – Rest 1 minute between efforts - 12, 9, 12, 10, 7, 5 (something finally clicked with my double unders - Jump higher/spin faster.
    5. 100 Meter row max x 4 efforts rest 1 minute between efforts - 22.1 sec, 21.9, 21.3, 21

  44. Hey ladies. I pulled my hamstring muscle the other day doing who knows what. It has been so painful I can't stand or walk too much. I have been doing heat and light stretching. I went for a little walk yesterday (probably about a half a mile) to try and loosen it up some. Today I did some ab work and laid off my legs.

    Today's workout:
    30 crunches
    30 reverse crunches
    20 side crunches on L
    20 on R
    20 chest flys with 5lb weights
    20 "bench presses" with 5lb weights

  45. May 18
    More manual labor. Six hours of working on building up the base for the pool. More tomorrow. Can't wait until my workout involves swimming in the darn thing.

  46. Today's workout:
    Jog 1.2 miles (time 15:57)
    stopped and did 3 sets of 30 walking lunges.

  47. Here's a wife who should be commended:

    1. Yeah, we saw that in the news. SD said it usually happens the opposite way. As in the wife gains 100 pounds while her husband is deployed.

  48. May 19: Rest day with the exception of finishing installing the pool. ;)

    May 20
    Warm up: 2 Rounds
    10 Heaving Snatch Balance
    10 Behind the Neck Jerks
    33 lb first round, 53 lbs second round

    1. Overhead Squat: 3,3,3,3,3 New PR for 3's - 93lbs, New PR for single overhead squat - 103 lbs.

    2. For time (24:10_):
    Back squat 73lbs x 30
    Pullups with resistance bands x 30
    Front Squat 73lbs x 20
    Pullups with resistance bands x 20
    Overhead squat 53lbs x 10
    Pullups with resistance bands x 10

  49. Yesterday's workout:
    Cleaning up the yard, which included lifting and moving 10 40lb bags of top soil, and 3 80lb bags of quick crete. Also picked up trash, swept, and a number of other things.

    Today's workout:
    Warm up:
    15 min ballet bar routine

    40 squats
    40 jumping lunges
    20 burpees
    40 side bends w/ 5lb weights
    40 rear leg lifts

    so far that is it for today... was cut short by baby.

  50. Not much to report from yesterday. Had to work until 8:00 for our awards banquet. Raining again today (not thoughts & prayers go out to everyone affected by storms in OK!), but will have to find something to do inside this evening. Hmmm....haven't done my wii zumba in quite some time, might have to bust that out. Also some weights, maybe.

  51. Today's workout:
    my floors again, on hands and knees. Shew, that is quite a job. But oh so worth it! Floors so clean you could eat off them!

  52. Today:
    Day off
    Weigh in: 3lbs down!!!!! WOOHOO yard work is effictive!

    1. Good for you, that's great!!

      My week isn't going as well as I had hoped, but I did get to walk outside yesterday after not seeing the sun for like 5 days!

    2. I am down 1.5 today. Considering this wasn't my best week, I'll definitely take it!

    3. Great news! Every pound counts!

  53. May 21, May 22, May 23 - I suck!

    Back at it today. :)

  54. May 24
    Warm up - 2 Rounds: 10 Heaving Snatch Balance/10 Behind the Neck Jerks (33lb)

    1. Push Press: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (New PR - 83lbs)

    2. AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes (4 rounds):
    5 Hang Squat Cleans @ 63lbs
    5 Jerks @ 63lbs

    AMRAP in 10 minutes of (5 rounds):
    10 Kettlebell Swings 40 lbs
    10 Scaled Pistols

  55. Today's workout:
    2 mile walk. (pushing stroller).

  56. May 25, May 26, May 27 - My goodness I've been a slacker. That goal date is going to keep creeping up on me. Time to stop this nonsense!

    May 28
    Warm up - 2 rounds of 15 back extensions, 10 toes to bar (scaled down - knees to elbows)

    Back squat: 3,3,3,3,3 - maxed the 3's at 143lbs. New double PR 153lbs.

    2 Rounds of:
    400 Meter run
    5 rounds of this complex (73lbs):
    3 Deadlifts
    2 Hang power cleans
    1 Jerk

  57. Hi all,

    Today feels very much like a Monday to me even though it's a Tuesday. Last weigh in day of the school year on Friday! No way I'm going to be down a total of 9 lbs by then (like I was hoping--I guess that was just a little too ambitions), but if I can keep up with my lb/week pace (might be a little more challenging this week due to it being "that time of month"), I will be down 5. I'll take it. Definitely better than continuing in the wrong direction like I had been doing!

    If it doesn't rain, hope to walk outside this afternoon. If not, I'm thinking wii zumba again. Sore from 4-wheeling this weekend, so probably no weights today.

    Hoping to

  58. Warm up - 2 rounds of 10 wallballs (10lbs) and 10 pushups

    Workout: "Find your 1 rep max for these 3 movements. You get 3 official attempts at each lift. Add your best attempts together for your total."
    Bench Press - 88 lbs (New PR)
    Overhead squat - 103 lbs
    Clean - 103 lbs (New PR)
    Total 294

  59. May 31
    Warm up - 500 meter row and 50 jumping jacks
    1. Turkish get up: Max reps in 5 minutes @ 25% of bodyweight (got 2 done and had to go down to 35lbs. Achieved 11
    2. For time: (40:16)
    -70 Double unders - got 10 double unders then had to switch and did 180 single unders instead
    -60 Kettlebell snatches 1 pood - did the 1 pood for 10, then went down to 25lbs.
    -50 Deadlifts95 lbs
    -40 Box jumps @ 20″
    -30 Pullups (with assistance band)
    -20 Lateral bar jumps (double count)

    I'm exhausted and it's 95 degrees outside, time to hit the pool!

  60. Um I am a total loser... lost 3lbs, got lazy... ugh...

    today's workout:
    1 mile jog pushing stroller.
    3 sets of 20 walking lunges during jog

    1. But you got back at it! That's the point of this :) Great stuff!

  61. Ok, I am back. I had some horrible stomach thing that simply would not go away. Finally feeling better. Back at it Monday :)

  62. Alright ladies, I regret to say I am dropping out of this goal date thingy. I have WAY too much on my plate right now. I am still exercising as it is good for stress release, but I can not bog myself down with a goal date right now. Good luck to you all. I know you will accomplish your goals!

    1. I understand completely, hon.

      Marie could use a few prayers, all. Thank you.

  63. Warm up: 2 rounds of 10 Good Mornings and 10 Bent Over Rows (33lb)
    Three 4 minute rounds of:
    Run 400 Meters
    153 lb Deadlift x max reps (8, 8, 4)
    Rest 1 minute between rounds
    After the final round of deadlifts rest one minute and then start one 4 minute round of:
    25 lb plate farmers carry x 200 meters
    Overhead lunges holding a singe 25 lb plate x max reps (10)

  64. May 5
    Warm up - 3 Rounds: 30 Second Handstand Hold & 15 Sit ups

    1. 5 Sets of: Push press x 1 followed by Split jerks x 2 (93lbs)
    2. For time: (17:02)
    75 Wallballs (10lb ball)
    50 Pullups (with assistance band)
    25 Weighted sit ups 25 lbs

  65. Ugh, wouldn't you know I get freakin sick during my last few days of work. Summer colds are the WORST! Not much exercise happening this week, mostly NyQuil & sleep. Starting to feel better now and we're hoping to go on our vacation today or tomorrow (camping trip out to CO!). So I'll probably be off the radar for a while. Marie, hope things look up for you soon. SD & Carlotta, I'll catch up with you guys down the road!

  66. Ugh, wouldn't you know I get freakin sick during my last few days of work. Summer colds are the WORST! Not much exercise happening this week, mostly NyQuil & sleep. Starting to feel better now and we're hoping to go on our vacation today or tomorrow (camping trip out to CO!). So I'll probably be off the radar for a while. Marie, hope things look up for you soon. SD & Carlotta, I'll catch up with you guys down the road!

  67. Warm up: 2 rounds - 12 jumping lunges, 12 ab roll outs
    For time (31:15)
    20 scaled rope climbs
    20 overhead squats 63lb
    30 air squat to box jump 20in
    40 sumo deadlift high pull 53lb
    50 burpee long jumps

  68. Warm up: 2 Rounds of: 10 Back extensions, 15 Air squats
    1. Back Squat: 2 reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes - 113lbs
    2. 5 Rounds for time: (17:00)
    5 scaled Muscle ups
    5 Power Cleans @ 80% of 1 rep max (83lbs)
    5 Handstand Push ups (with assistance bands)

  69. Warm up: 3 rounds of: 5 Dumbbell Press (20lb each) & 5 Squat to Tuck Jump

    -5 Sets of: 1 Strict press followed by 2 Push press (new Strict press PR 63lbs)

    -As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of: (4 2/3)
    8 Thrusters 63lbs
    16 Mountain climbers
    96 Double-unders

  70. Warm up: 2 rounds – 10 thrusters from back rack (43lbs) / 10 knees to elbows

    1. Overhead squat: 2 reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes (93lbs)

    2. For time: (23:10)
    35 Kettlebell swings @ 1 1/2 pood (54lbs)
    30 Overhead squats (63lbs)
    25 Pullups w/assistance band
    20 Kettlebell swings @ 1 1/2 pood
    15 Overhead squats (63lbs)
    10 Pullups w/assistance band

  71. Warm up 2 Rounds: 10 Good Mornings & 10 Bent Over Rows
    1. Deadlifts - set a new PR: 203lbs
    2.Run 1 mile
    30 Hang squat cleans @ 53lbs
    30 Glute-ham sit-ups

  72. Warm up: 3 rounds of 5 heaving snatch balance, 5 hang snatch
    1. Snatch: 20 min to establish a one rep max (73lbs)
    2. 30 snatches @ 53lbs.

  73. After a week and a half off due to having my wisdom teeth removed, I'm back at it.
    Yesterday, July 1
    Warm up: run 200m, 20 kettle bell swings 35lb, run 200m, 20 pullups (with green assistance band)
    Front squat 3x5 60%,65%,75% - last set 83lbs
    Stamina: 3 rounds of 10 front squats at 63lbs, 20 jumping lunges
    Workout: TABATA (20 sec on, 10 sec rest, 8 sets of each exercise) Pistols, Duble Unders, Russian KB twists, pushups.

  74. Wednesday, July 3
    Warm up: run 400m, 20 KB swings (35lb), 20 mountain climbers, 20 pushups
    Strength: DeadLift-3x5 @ 60%, 65%, 70% (153lbs)
    Stamina: 4 Rnds: 10 DL 153lbs, 60Second Plank Hold
    30 Box Jumps 20in., 20 Squat Cleans (63lbs), 10 handstand push ups with assistance bands, 5 Burpees

  75. Monday, July 8
    Warmup: 90 Single unders, 30 Mt. climbers, 90 single unders, 5 rounds of 3 pullups/3 ring dips
    Back Squat: 3@80%, 3@85%, 3+@90% (133 lb - 3) New 1 rep max - 148lbs.
    Chipper: 20 backsquat @ 113lbs, 20 man makers (20lb dumbbells)

    Tuesday, July 9
    Warm Up : 400m run, 10 air squates, 10 pushups, 10 kb clean & press (20lb), 400m run
    Strength: push press 3 @80%, 3 @ 85%, 3+ @90% (83lbs - 5) New PR 93lbs
    Stamina: Chipper - 50 push press @ 63lbs, 50m overhead plate carry walking lunges (25lb plate)
    WOD: 5 rounds for time (16:34) 9 wall balls (10lb), 9 ring dips (w/assistance band), 9 knees to elbows

  76. Wednesday, July 10
    Warm up: 400m row, 20 kb swings (25lb), 20 situps, 20 squats
    Strength: dead lift 3@80%, 3@85%, 3+@90% (178lbs-4)
    Stamina: 4 rounds 10 dead lifts (153lbs), 1 minute alternating plank hold
    WOD: 15 box jumps (20in), 100m run, 20 squats, 100m run, 10 power cleans, 100m barbell walk, 10 ground to overhead, 100m barbell walk (153lbs), 15 box jumps. 11:38

    Thursday, July 11 (active recovery)
    Warm up: 800m run
    20 min of skill work (kipping pull ups)
    WOD 15 minutes as many rounds as possible 300 single under jump rope, 2 burpee scaled rope climbs (2 rounds + 300 single unders)

    Friday, July 12
    Warm up: 400m run, 20 medicine ball situps, 20 push ups, 20 squats
    WOD: "karen" 150 wall balls (10lbs 15:02)
    Strength: Bench press 3@80%, 3@85%, 3+@90% (4 - 83lbs)
    Chipper: 20 bench press @ 63lbs, 400m Farmer's carry 35lb kettle bells

  77. Monday, July 15
    Warm up: 25m run x 2, high knees, butt kicks, shuffle, back peddle, toe touches, power skips, 100 single unders
    Strength: Back squat 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% (4 @ 138lbs)
    Stamina: 50 Back squats @ 93lbs, 50m walking lunges
    WOD: Deck of cards workout - hearts = medicine ball situps, spades = pullups, clubs = air squats, diamonds = pushups, jokers = 150 single unders

    Tuesday, July 16
    Warm up: 250m row, 20 sledge hammer strikes per arm
    WOD: 4 rounds for time of 400m run, 8 knees to elbows, 16 hang power snatch (63lbs), 24 max height wall jumps (34:01)

    Wednesday, July 17
    Warm up: 100 single unders, 25m bear crawl, 10 squats, 25m bear crawl, 10 push ups
    Strength: Bench press 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% (3 @ 78lbs)
    Stamina: 3 rounds of 10 bench presses @ 63lbs, 50m buddy carry
    WOD: As fast as possible (26:11)
    6 burpees, 100 m kettle bell carry (40lbs), 3 kb swings, 100m kb carry, 10 burpees, 100m kb carry, 5 kb swings, 100m kb carry, 14 burpees, 100m kb carry, 7 kb swings, 100m kb carry, 18 burpees, 100m kb carry, 9 kb swings, 100m kb carry
    Strength: Dead lift 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% (1 @ 193lbs)
    Stamina: 3 rounds of 12 dead lifts (163lbs), 20 2-count mountain climbers

  78. Thursday, July 18
    Warm up: 400m run, 10 pull ups, 20 sit ups, 30 air squats
    Active Recovery day: 20 min. Skill work - kipping pull ups
    WOD: 6 rounds for time (35:38) - 200m run, 5 thrusters (53#), 9 pull ups, 9 dips

    Friday, July 19
    Warm up: 250m row, 10 medicine ball cleans, 30 second hand stand hold
    Strength: Push press, 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% (4 @ 88#)
    Stamina: chipper - 20 push press @ 78#, 100m overhead plate carry (35#)
    WOD: "Annie" - 150 single unders, 50 sit ups, 120 singles, 40 sit ups, 90 singles, 30 sit ups, 60 singles, 20 sit ups, 30 singles, 10 sit ups - 11:31


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