Monday, April 8, 2013

Hurt feelings report

In the military, we have this thing about a hurt feelings report. See, if you aren't a man, we ask you to fill out this report in order to register your woman-like issue. It's not a compliment.

If you find yourself arguing an issue with SD and not me, it means I consider you a woman. It doesn't matter if you claim to have external gonads. I don't bother myself with female thinking. SD will take care of your hurt feelings report. When you are ready for more than whining, I will address the issue as necessary. This is actually good for you if you have a hurt feelings report to file. She is much more understanding of such feelings than I am. I keep my mouth shut during such times so that I don't make you want to slit your wrists.

I try really hard to like people. I'm just not good at it. SD is. She likes you much more than you could possibly know. Even those of you that slander her on other sites and call her names here. It's a mother's heart. If you are a Christian (based on salvation through Christ's death), we will never question it. However, if you are going to step into the ring of logic or biblical Truth, you better be ready.


  1. Love it.

    Is there copyright on that hurt feelings report?

    1. I was introduced to this particular document early in my military career. I'm not sure of its origins. What's really funny is the stuff that is on every military document. The referring authorities, what it replaces, it obsolescence date,... It has a very official appearance.

    2. Hi RLB,

      Yes, that's precisely what attracted me so much to it.

      The mimicry is well done. While I'm an Australian, it's not as effective, but, it still has the veneer of authority about it.


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