Monday, April 15, 2013

You win!

My gym had the workout of the day posted on their website last night:

For time:
50 Box jumps @ 24″
50 Jumping pullups
50 Kettlebell swings @ 1 pood (American)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots 20/14
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

In my head the excuses started of why I wouldn't be going. It continued this morning as I drank my coffee and thought about all the things I could get done if I didn't take a two hour break to drive there, workout, and drive home.  I need to do some bookkeeping, grade schoolwork, put together my grocery list, continue on my spring cleaning projects, etc. The list is huge and certainly today would be a good day to skip the gym and focus on the to do list. 

A voice of reason popped in my head and said, "that's nonsense, just go, you'll feel better, you can do it, just get dressed and ready to go." So I did. 

Then the phone rang. A friend needs to talk. This workout won't matter in the grand scheme of things, I can skip it. Then, when giving her some advice, I told her to keep doing her exercises, it will clear her head and uplift her mood. 

Crap, now I have to go to the gym. I really should go anyway, I'm not going to hit this month's goals if I put this off. Besides, I'll feel great after. "Just go." So I did. 

I walked into the gym and saw another woman my age who is usually there earlier than I am. She was just finishing up her burpees. She was so exhausted she could barely jump at the end of them. I laughed, she gave me a knowing look and said, "oh, girl, you have no idea." 

I stepped on the scale...ugh, there's no way I can hit my goals this month, the month is half over and I'm not even close. "No. SD, if you knew with certainty this workout would make the difference in reaching your goal, you'd be excited about doing it. Proceed with that attitude." So I did. 

Throughout the whole workout my mind continued with the whining and excuses. I've never used so much self talk to get through a workout before. By the time I had 25 burpees done the idea of quitting was swirling around in my brain. 25 more burpees certainly won't matter. You're good. You got a great workout in. You can be done. 

"No, refuse to quit. There's no way you want to go home and tell RLB you didn't finish it. You must keep going." So I did. (Part of the highlight of my day is telling RLB what I did at the gym. He's willing to listen and is always very encouraging.)

My body was shaking all over. However, when I was driving home I was elated. 

"You did it. You win."


  1. May I take it that you are doing "Crossfit" ??
    Congrats -- I haven't yet taken the plunge.
    But I agree about "You did it. You win." w.r.t.
    just about any conscientiously applied exercise program.

    Not that it's related or anything, but the Minnesota
    Ironman bicycle ride is in just under two weeks.
    I've had a total of *two* training rides so far, as the
    weather is unseasonably cold: high of 35 today.
    I have a feeling I'll have a "You did it. You win" of
    my own fairly soon...

  2. Yes, I go to a Crossfit gym.

    I've been hearing from family and friends that winter will just not go away up there. Good luck to you on the ride!

  3. SD,

    Sounds like a killer workout. Congrats on finishing it. You're going to be one hot mamma by time summer rolls around :) By the way, what's a burpee?


  4. Here are some burpees, and variations on them...
    They are so so soooo much fun. >;)

    Glad to hear you went and that you finished!
    Our WOD tonight was 5 Power Cleans @ 155lbs x 5, 10 Burpees and 15 Ab-mat sit-ups for five rounds, for time.

    Keep up the good work SD!

  5. Thanks everyone,

    LiV, the video a good ROI linked shows some great looking burpees, what they end up looking like for me is - lay down on the floor, get back up and jump(ish).

    Holy crap - a burpee to a muscle up (last part of video)? - Beast.

  6. You had to write this yesterday didn't you?! The day I had planned on getting back into it after a week of pollen headaches. A day where the house is a mess, the kids were struggling, a day where the excuses were just way too easy to come up with and I didn't go. Darn you Sarah. It's a conspiracy.

    And I will be going today, come hell or hight water. Dammit.

  7. Go get it, Stingray! Then, tomorrow when your body feels like you've been hit by a truck as mine feels today, it'll be a good hurt. :)

  8. Awesome job to power through against the negative thoughts. It seems like many Crossfit workouts I have that internal dialogue and only a few times have I given in (one of those was a scaled weight version of "Kelsu" [from Crossfit Football] which even scaled I gave up half-way through). That strength comes from within and each time you put those doubts to rest and come through the other side I think you improve a minute amount as a person.

    Just curious as to how long that took you? I don't mean to be an unsolicited advice giver or get up on my soapbox, but those kind of workouts are pretty common in Crossfit and I think are often counterintuitive to making gains and staying healthy. I understand that often one gym "works" for people, as my wife runs into this too, but you're then stuck with the programming they provide. Hopefully this isn't a regular type workout and more of an anomaly for your gym (which is then typically ok). Please be smart and don't beat yourself up just because it's on the white board. Crossfit does do a lot of good things, but sometimes I do a face palm at what some gyms program day-in and day-out.

    Good luck and keep making progress!

  9. Thank you for the encouragement AMD!

    It wasn't a normal workout. One of our trainers has a "Get fit and look good naked" challenge going on right now. So she programed the "Filthy fifty" as the jump start for the challenge. The owner and the guy who usually programs the workouts hates this WOD. Mondays are normally squat days. From what I've been able to tell our workouts seem to be about 70% strength and 30% cardio.

    This workout took me just under an hour. The guys that did it at the same time as me averaged about 35-40 minutes. I've said before "for time" means SD time to me. :) I scale the workout so I don't injure myself and am always mindful of my heart rate. I reserve anaerobic for lifting days which are usually high weight low rep.

    This gym is perfect for me because of its laid back nature. I've heard not all Crossfit gyms are like that. Though our garage is basically a home gym, I am less likely to phone it in when I am around others and have trainers on hand who are always engaged and correcting form.

    In the past I've done exercise videos, boxersize, running. I've been doing Crossfit since July and for the first time in my life am seeing muscle cuts. I'm wearing clothes that in the past only fit me when I weighed 15 pounds less than I do now.

  10. Don't you have to do their exercises in a group? I am not that much of a joiner so I see that as a huge drawback. The cost is also an issue, though I am starting a new position soon that should definitely help with the finances, at the cost of time.

  11. This one has open gym times. That's when I go. The classes are in the evening. Every now and then if I couldn't make it during the day to open gym, I'll go to the class.

    The classes were great when I first started because they are very thorough in teaching technique and form before the workout starts. They're still around to assist during open gym but often times the trainers will be doing the WOD themselves at that time.


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