Saturday, April 20, 2013

The good wife

Marie emailed this to me. I like it. I'm pretty sure husbands like it too. Mine sure does. There are times right now with his injury that I do help him with his shoes too. 

When I looked for the source to get a larger picture to post, I found that Snopes is suspect of its origin.  I've known for quite some time what a left leaning, feminist site Snopes is but they sure have outdone themselves with this one, you'll have to venture over there to read their hand waving.

Whether you like any of these suggestions or not, try this: choose five of them and just do them. See what happens. They really can't actually hurt you. And who knows, it might be the very thing that will turn your bad marriage to good, or your good marriage to great.


  1. I found the picture on pinterest. I didnt know it came from that sight, I do not read from there, ever.

  2. No, it didn't come from there, they just needed to spew their feminist claptrap about it.

    1. I'm sure the advice is meant to be taken tongue in cheek, but some of it is helpful. My husband hates to come home to a messy house and he gets peeved if I start complaining about my day as soon as he comes in the door. He'll say something like, "Maybe I should just turn around and go back out to work."

      So, I try to get home from work before him so I can straighten up and generally hold off on venting about my day until after dinner.

      Believe it or not, some of this exact same advice appeared in a book my pastor gave my husband and I during our premarriage counseling. I think it was called "The Act of Marriage." One of the suggestions in the book was to wake up a few minutes before your husband so that you could put on your makeup and look alluring first thing in the morning. I managed to do it for the first few days of our honeymoon, but I don't think I've done it since.

      Lisa in Vermont

  3. It starts out well enough, but it ends sounding like a parody. Never complain if he goes out and stays out all night and doesn't bother coming home? Nothing you could have to say is as important as anything he has to say? You have no "right" to question him at all, ever, no matter what?

    There's good stuff here, but some of it doesn't pass my sniff test. This sounds like a Stepford-type, passive-aggressive feminist parodying of housewives as slaves, especially that bit about "rights". "Rights" are feminist talk.

    In fairness, some of them are worthwhile goals, but the whole thing is just suspicious to me.

  4. I believe Sigyn is correct. I'm fairly certain this passed through reddit a couple months ago as a somewhat subtle parody. Doesn't mean all of it is bad advice though.

  5. The best propaganda IS 90% truth, after all.

  6. Not sure what your complaint is. Snopes is right: this list is often trotted out in order to parody the beliefs of generations past. The list is accepted unquestioningly as "bad". This is the state of modern education: group think and never question the norm.

    I think Snopes' comments are indicting.

    As for the list, I've seen this circulated for years, never glanced much beyond the first few. Perhaps it was a real list but has been amended to add a few at the end that go overboard. Perhaps it was always just fake.

    Nevertheless, if it provokes real questions: what is the role of the wife? Is it the most important role? Other generations behaved differently and were more content, what should we learn from that? Then it's useful, regardless the intent of its originators.

  7. Even though it's probably a parody, I still like it. I think I will take my husband's shoes off and speak to him in a low soothing tone tomorrow. He may suspect that I have ulterior motives, but no matter.


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