Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Job and running the ball up the middle.

Job is my go-to reading when going through struggles. It is an illustrative example in how to get over your own pity party when life sucks. Life will suck. It's part of the reality here on Earth. I'm pretty sure it won't matter if you live on Mars either. The poetic nature of it is soothing and the conclusions of the book of Job are exactly what an introspective soul needs during times of crisis.

The book opens with Job having lost everything but his life. Satan is obviously against him and God is allowing it to happen. His friends try to explain why the suffering is happening. This part reminds me of the prosperity Christians. None of his friends can win the argument with Job. Job is a very decent man. For me, these conversations with his friends are very important. They bring you through many possible blind spots about your rebellion from God. You can't stop reading until God talks.

Once God talks, you realize the same message that Jesus brought forth. It's about God's will, not yours. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You don't know what the end of the parade looks like. You are just someone marching in the band. You don't know what the coach is setting up the other team for. Just run the ball up the middle again. There are plenty of analogies to get the same point across. It is God's plan. Pray without ceasing and abide in his guidance. I have never been disappointed in following His plan. I've been confused and frustrated. I've been waiting to understand it. I still am in some areas. However, it's His will, not mine that matters.

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