Monday, November 12, 2012

"Every ailment can be cured with Windex®"

 A friend of mine asked me to write about this post she witnessed from a lovely young lady in Ohio:

Shut up u racist ass white folks just because Romney didn't win. Yeah I'm a white person saying this and I know y'all hate me for it but fuck u. Why does everyone make it seem like Obama has caused all this chaos anyways? Do u not remember the sorry piece of shit named BUSH that started all this mess and left Obama to handle it? I bet u DONT!! Or ur just in so much fucking denial because he's white!! Shut that shit up and if u don't like wtf I'm saying then DELETE ME BITCH!!
 What is going on, Ohio?

I'm teasing, this is going on all over the place with the irrational, uneducated electorate.

This girl's page is open so I spent a little time there. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:  
So this shooting just happened right around the corner from my moms. My boy's mom is the one who called 911. Shits too close to home man. Wtf is wrong with u dumb Canton muhfuckas??? Smdh.. What a shame. That's y I'm getting the hell outta this wack ass city full of fake ass wanna be gang bangers. And fuck u if u don't like what I just said. I'm out...
 Where or where will this eloquent darling go to live? (I'll gloss over the hilarity that Canton's mayor is a Democrat...hmm, how could that have anything to do with the "wack"ness of the city?)

Think of me like the father in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Give him a word and he will tell you how it originates in the Greek language. Show me an ill of society today, and I'll tell you how its root is in feminism. This girl is an ill of society.

Women somehow decided it was a good idea to abandon all aspects of the feminine to take on the negative aspects of the masculine. Sadly women make horrible men and pathetic bad boys.

So, this is what all the roaring was about, huh?

Sing it with me!

 I can't imagine how humiliating it would be to RLB to come across something his daughters wrote that is as vile and unbecoming as what this Cantonian proudly exhibits to the world.

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  1. The most tragic aspect of today is the fact that nobody knows how to speak, write, behave, etc. Where are the parents who would administer a good paddling in the days of yore? I got paddled for MUCH less as a child!


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