Thursday, November 8, 2012

"It's not the child that needs killing"

"I believe that the best people to do so are those of us who have been on the front-lines as pro-life speakers who were conceived in rape, who have been spending our entire adult lives defending our right to life." - Rebecca Kiessling

I've heard Rebecca's story and watched her go up against Gloria Alred here:

With all of my heart and soul, I believe women have missed the boat with this.  What would more exemplify strength than a woman, in a time of struggle and overcoming, who would bring forth life from within her, a feat so uniquely that NO man can ever do? A decision that would proclaim to the world, "I am woman, not subject to selfishness nor victim-hood. I will sacrifice for the most needy; the unwanted soul that resides within my flesh."

The alternative clearly defines the truth of feminism.

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