Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week one of Paleo

A Crossfit trainer at my gym challenged me to maintain a strict Paleo diet for 30 days. I was talking to her about my weight loss progression and how I had plateaued after the first 20 pounds came off.

Today is day seven. I've lost five pounds.

This is the first Halloween ever that I have abstained from candy. The diet itself is very simple and there are plenty of websites around with fantastic recipes. I have noticed one downside. When I get tired, I don't have my usual Diet Coke pick me up so I am done for the day. It is a weird kind of tired that I'm not used to. My eyes just start closing. My sleep has been fantastic though. I'm waking up completely rested. 

One thing I had noticed prior to making this commitment was what I'll call carb depression. I started to track my moods along with what I had been eating. Like clockwork, after a cheat day of eating carbs, I didn't feel right. Something felt off emotionally. Similar to PMS. I haven't experienced that this week. I have no idea if that is normal or even if it has anything to do with carbs. I'm sure the elation of seeing the scale move almost daily has helped psychologically.

I'm eight pounds away from being "normal" on the BMI index. And 27 pounds from my wedding day weight.

Now a good mommy blogger would end this post now. I doubt I'll be known as a good mommy blogger.

Why am I committed to losing weight and getting fit? To have a smokin' hot bod for RLB.

He proposed marriage to a 19 year old who was 5'8", 145 pounds, had an hourglass figure, and long blond hair. My looks weren't all that qualified me, he had a stalker that was hot too. However, his marrying me was not a permission slip to let my visual appeal go to hell. I can do nothing about being 37, though I have maintained a very strict skin care regimen all of my adult life and have a face that is thankfully still wrinkle free.

I'm too lazy to find the exact words but our favorite blogger (who I recommend to you all the time) at either Vox Popoli or Alpha Game, when a man asked, "what do I say when my wife asks if I think she's fat?" had this to say: "tell her that you don't find cellulite attractive on anyone and if she would like to lose the weight, you can show her how." On another occasion Vox said, "unless a woman is over six feet tall, and likely even then, no woman should weigh more than 180 pounds."

I read that when I was at my heaviest, one year ago, 197 pounds. I knew I wouldn't even have to ask RLB if he agreed. You don't have to ask your husbands either. They agree. So do women, they just lie. It was then that I made this commitment. God and I talk about it all the time. He agrees too and is my greatest encourager outside of RLB.

RLB has spared no expense that I have requested, puts up with me occasionally forgetting to feed the rest of them, and allows me to bore him with the details about every WOD (workout of the day) I do at the Crossfit gym.

I thoroughly enjoy putting on a pair of jeans that are too big and have RLB tell me they look like crap because they are hanging off my butt. Greatest compliment ever!


  1. Reading from the start, congrats on your fitness journey and your goal, that is honorable and I know it is a blessing to RLB.


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