Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For the Men

If you were looking for the "Man Up" message, you've come to the wrong place.

 First, we don't have a man problem in our society today. It is not men that left their post. We may very well be seeing a response from men due to feminism but that is not the root cause of the problem. It is not men that coveted more and ate the forbidden fruit. It is not men who bought the lie to leave the hearth and the cradle behind for pursuit of something unfitted for them.

Second, I am a woman and in no way should instruct men. In living with my son, I yield all advice and instruction to RLB. If he is in need of answers, in no way do I contradict what his father has told him. It is a disgusting sight when women confuse their sons and lead them away from their father's guidance.

Our family has attended our last Mother's Day or Father's Day church services until church doctrine rejects feminism. More than once we've witnessed the pedastalizing of unworthy women, those who are responsible for the destruction of their own homes. Followed one month later with limp wristed, berating, and un-Biblical advice to men that, if followed, creates the soft, pansy-like men of the church that quite literally make me want to hurl.

Guys, there are a few blogs RLB highly recommends. Where men are men and the women aren't. Start here: Alpha Game. The right column titled "Foundations" is a great introduction into the manosphere - as it's been called.


  1. may i suggest you start your own church?

  2. "Followed one month later with limp wristed, berating, and un-Biblical advice to men that, if followed, creates the soft, pansy-like men of the church that quite literally make me want to hurl."

    I sometimes refer to the pansy-like men of evangelicalism as gay zombies. It's especially revolting when they whiningly advance towards you to hug you.

  3. I've watched it several times. A brave and valiant warrior separated from God comes to know the Truth but...doesn't receive the "Wild at Heart" message. He changes everything when really all that was missing was God. Keep the brave, valiant warrior part, please!

    I've known women to get a tinge of the Truth and become what I call smuggly submissive. The actions may be present but the heart is bitter.

  4. Interesting point about Mother's Day and Father's Day services.

    At my parents church my brother rolled his eyes about going to the Father's Day service "great. The Mother's Day service was all about how important and wonderful mothers are. I don't feel like sitting through a service that tells me about men's shortcomings. Because that's Father's Day at church." We went anyway and we were pleasantly surprised that the service did the opposite.

    In terms of limp-wristed (I have a feeling a better analogy would use a different body part, but I digress), that is one of the reasons masculine males shun church.

    My mother once went on about how church is unfair to women (I think she was trying to appease her feminist daughter) and I said: why is there a severe shortage of men in church? Shouldn't it be the other way around?" This gave her pause. I said "yes, the leaders are men...but they cater to women. Men don't typically feel welcome. Most men are unable to articulate why they don't like church but the fact remains." The Church is not doing anything to stem the tide of young men leaving the Church.

    Society at large is hostile to men but the one place that should be a refuge, the Church, is even worse.

    The great irony is that many women talk about how they are marginalized. Men are not. Of course, by men, they mean the powerful and somehow assume that all men have these wonderful privileges.

    I fear we are heading for disaster and likely sooner rather than later.

    - Apollyon

  5. As a homeschooling mother, I disagree with you strongly that you shouldn't instruct your son. We have to be sure our sons behave themselves. This is assuming you and your husband are on the same page, but if you don't teach your son, you are headed for trouble. He will also come to believe he doesn't have to listen to you, his mother. Even as a teenager, he owes you obedience and respect until he is of age -- and even then, he still has an obligation to honor you as his mother. If you don't expect it and require it of him, you will have problems. I crack down on my son (age 12) when he needs it.....big time.

    1. What you have asserted will happen is not at all what has happened. My son is 18 now. Honor isn't enough to describe his behavior toward me. He is a strong Christian man, I am fully convinced (and inspired) that his respect and kindness toward me has much more to do with his relationship with God than anything I'm deserving of, have required of him or expected of him, and it certainly didn't come as a result of me cracking down on him since I've not done that.

      It will be my honor, as he leaves me and this house and finds a wife, to welcome her to our family and teach her to defer to him. She will have chosen well.


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