Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's the day! One of the best days of the year. Where hours on end are toiled in the kitchen preparing a feast that may be gobbled up in 20 minutes flat. Oh, but it is so worth it.

Last night my daughters and I began our feast preparations making some traditional Lefsa and apple pie while I nursed a tasty White Russian. The last couple of years have been especially pleasant having them join me in preparing the feast. 

They are not without complaint completely (thus the White Russian), but are getting better at putting aside their preteen: "uh, mom, this is so boring," "uh, are you going to help us with these dishes?" "are we done yet?" I remind them that this is fun, they should enjoy learning how to make these favorite treats. I think they're starting to believe me, or they have finally succumbed to it.  Either way, they will be at the receiving end of compliments and praise for their mouth watering masterpieces. And that is where the conditioning sets in. It matters little whether you enjoy the baking and cooking, you will do it year after year because it is just so cool to watch grown men devour, like ravenous beasts, the fruits of their labor. The girls will experience how rewarding it is to listen to them, who, in mid chew, moan accolades and applause.

This year we are especially blessed to be joined by some very dear friends. He was RLB's right hand man, battle buddy, and wife (Soldiers will understand) during deployment. They are the friends, hand picked by God, who humble you with their selfless giving. She is French - need I say more. On any given day they show up to our home with the most delectable treats and wine...oh, the wine. She will be bringing, once again, her signature Bûche de Noël. Words can not describe it. You'll have to find a French friend for yourselves to understand the holiday bliss that resides in this cake.

I pray you all have a wonderful day reflecting on all of your blessings. Prepare your hearts to be joyful and full of thanksgiving. And may we all thank God for every moment today and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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