Sunday, November 11, 2012

WCSD (What Christians should do)?

You're a Christian, so you should...

Have you heard that one before? Those who claim to deny Jesus Christ as their Savior audaciously proclaiming what you, as a Christian, should or should not do?

Oh, it's soooo  much fun.

This is distinctly different than a professed Christian informing you of what you should or should not do. I'll get to that another time. Some time when I feel like addressing haughtiness and pharisaic individuals.

Judgement. It is judgement that bothers the unfaithful. What they miss is the Biblical admonishment to not judge a brother. They think they are a brother. How amusing.

I, in no way, am a Biblical scholar but I pray, a lot. I seek counsel from those I know are further along in their walk than I am - this includes RLB. I pray for him to always be further along than I am.

Three times yesterday I read from unbelievers what Christians should do. I laughed.

Laugh. Laugh at them as you would Satan.

Do not grow weary.

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