Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's quick, it's easy, and it's not equal

Remember this?

There are radio advertisements in our area currently letting young men know all of the consequences for not registering.

For 92 years we have had a privileged class in this country. Those who may vote to fight wars but are exempt from the draft. Have you ever even given this a moment's thought?

How could this have been over looked by the equality seekers?

How curious.

In my readings, I've come across references to Girl Writes What - A Voice for Men, compassion for boys and men. Her post about the draft is excellent. Take a moment to read it all, here are a couple excerpts: 

"That’s why MRAs bring up the draft, Pooka. Not to blame women or feminists for America’s male-only draft, but to remind them that getting the vote without being required to die for it if necessary is not fucking oppression, and neither is having to wait  a mere 50 years longer to be handed something that men were still required to pay for with their lives. That having to trade your autonomy or your life for your political franchise *is not privilege*–it’s a shit deal. So shit a deal I wonder how many men would have taken it if Uncle Sam hadn’t been willing to run them up a gibbet if they refused."
"SO let’s review: almost no one has ever said feminists are responsible for the draft. What they do take issue with is the constant whinging about women not being handed the vote as soon or even sooner than SOME men, without acknowledging historical realities that for men, the vote always came with an OBLIGATION. An obligation society never demanded, and still does not demand, of women."
"Feminists demand rights and privileges for women, but do not accept obligation. Instead, they kick the shit out of men and call them privileged even when men had to pay for that privilege with life and limb. Clear enough?"

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