Thursday, March 21, 2013

Be the rock

This should be the most difficult time in my life. It isn't. This should be the most insecure SD is in her married life. It isn't. Explaining how submission works to a non-biblically based Christian is like explaining the color mauve to a blind person. It's not quite that bad, but it's close.

SD has no fear because I don't live in fear. As a Christian man, I know what the Bible says about God's provision. I know what it says about not living in fear. I have lived this throughout my life. I trust in God's Word, Christ's salvation, and the Holy Spirit's guidance. It isn't easy. It's simple.

I live my life expecting the worst case scenario. Being comfortable with that is my beginning of progress. I build from that foundation. Sometimes, you have to start with your salvation. It doesn't matter. Start there. Build from that foundation and pray.

The reason these times should be difficult to SD and me is because of the financial insecurity, career change, and home of residence change. The reason this isn't a problem for us is because I have made a habit of embracing challenge in my life and trusting God. Again, if you aren't a Christian, this won't make sense to you. I am. The worst time in my life was when I thought SD was going to leave me. I returned to my rock. My salvation. Then, God's Word. Then, I implemented God's Word. When you build on the rock, you can always tear down to the foundation and rebuild.

I assume, if you are reading this, you have need for Truth in your life. Find the foundation of your life and build. When you do this, Truth becomes self evident. My wife and children are not afraid of our transition. They trust me. I am not afraid because I trust in God. Be the rock of your family.


  1. On(in) the other hand are shiny boobs

  2. Great points RLB. You need to have your life founded on The Rock no matter what. Things may succeed or fail from the outside, but He is the only one that we can ultimately trust.

  3. after reading, I wanted to comment but had a hard time with what.

    Here's what I think it is. I like to read red pill women's blogs because I get to see the upside of this way of thinking. Good women who are getting a handle on what it all really means.

    Too many male manosphere bloggers are wrapped up in the shit that goes on. So RLB, when you come on, the one responsible for the place that a woman like Sarah is in, I stand up and take notice.

    "there must be something there."


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