Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fantasy baseball preview

Fantasy baseball is just around the corner. I thought a bit of scouting would be appropriate.

Peter - A Rock you can build a team around. Don't be surprised if he goes 0 for 3 on any given night.
Paul - Kind of blind to the fastball. Once he figures it out, he will persevere.
Luther - True game changer. Not afraid of an un-Orthodox approach.
Moses - Definite team leader. Looks lost sometimes, but will come through in the clutch.
Abraham - Hard to tell how old he is. He changed his name. Rumor has it his best performance is late in life.
Joseph - A bit flamboyant. Hard to get into the right uniform. Good vision.
David - He will surprise you. Needs to know there is some money involved in performance, but definitely hits hard.
Solomon - Not the greatest upbringing. Wise beyond his years.
Calvin - Acts like he knows it's coming. Even when he strikes out, he seems to have expected it.
Zwingli - Also a game changer, just don't put him on the same team as Luther.
Job - Not real good in the start of a game. A bit hot headed.
Daniel - Calm in the clutch. Hard to rattle him.
Jonah - He'll go through the nasty to get the job done.
Noah - Sometimes he's the only one out there.
John the Baptist - He will lead you to a way out of a tough situation.
Samson - Serious power hitter. Gets tied up sometimes on the inner bitch...I mean pitch.

Others awaiting scouting reports:

I'm a bit of a fantasy baseball fan, bear with me. 


  1. "David - He will surprise you. Needs to know there is some money involved in performance, but definitely hits hard."

    ..and does a lot of damage with a small ball.

  2. He would definitely be a control type pitcher. Painting the corners wouldn't be a problem.

  3. The Job summary is completely wrong. Jonah isn't very good either. Sorry.

  4. Job: Will keep the faith when he's getting completely shelled. He'll take it on the chin, but if he does get riled, the Manager can calm him down.

    Jonah: Not a team player. Requires very stern correction and complains all the time. If you tell him to play right you'll find him in left field.

    Ishmael: Big trouble maker since he was traded to the Yankees. [Everyone hates the Yankees, right?]

  5. Jonah got swallowed and spit up. That's going through some nasty. Good stuff Giraffe. I hate the Yankees.

  6. Yeah, but the Jonah went through the nasty trying not to get the job done.

    I probably should have said Ismael is a big trouble maker, especially when he plays in New York.


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