Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rack, Shack, and Benny

I have found that I have certain alpha type traits. My upbringing was in an environment of a mother, grandmother, two sisters, and a father working eighty hours per week. Most of the psychological impact in my life was female crazy. I had a confidence about social setting because of my intelligence, but not about the sexual setting because my close female relatives were...female. As most people reading in the mandrosphere know, women don't say what they mean. However, I was raised on the idea that Alan Alda and his over emotionalism was cool. Sooooo not true. SD is doing some great analysis on the evil of churchianity type marriage help books. Please pay attention to these evils.

Don't confuse social status with sexual status. Also, don't confuse sexual market place with marriage market place. Roissy is very useful if you are a man and want to poke as many vaginas as possible, but he isn't going to take you to the marriage step. I don't claim to have the answers to that equation, but I know it is possible to get there. The specific defining is what we need to work on as a group of Christian men. Our sons depend on it.

Marriage is the goal. Procreation is the goal. I am greatly confounded by the MGTOW crowd. They remind me of the French (proverbial, not literal) surrendering at the first sign of conflict. The French resistance, OTOH, can be a great example of persisting in the face of overwhelming force (courts, churches). Surrender is not acceptable. We, as men, have to reclaim the mantle of leadership and do it in a way that is biblical. Contempt of women (Roissy) isn't going to accomplish these goals, neither is avoidance (MGTOW). The solution lies in biblical truth and valuing the Truth over our comfort. Whether it is as an already married man or a man looking for marriage, we need to pursue God's commands to lead our wives/future wives. Fear of the courts can't stop you from living your life according to God's commands. Either you are a Christian or you aren't. Quit whining about what the government can do to you. You are not being put to death in a furnace. Stand up for the Truth while you still can without being burned alive.


  1. On the contrary, the Bible says it is better not to marry. But it is better to marry than to deal with unrequited lust, and Jesus indicates that remaining celibate is a spiritual gift given only to a few.

    Anyone who is replacing women with, for example, porn is therefore missing the point. If you need the porn, you can take it as meaning you are not gifted with celibacy and should be seeking a wife instead.

    That is not to say 'Man-up and marry those sluts.' Marriage exists 1) for procreation, 2) as a legitimate outlet for sexual desire, and 3) as a symbol of the Trinity (two persons become one being which results in the creation of life). Thus, the criteria for wife are 1) Good mother, 2) Attractive, and 3) Submissive. Very few sluts meet these criteria.

  2. No Ballista, it is not. Nor is it sinful to not own a dog. Doesn't look like every not sin was covered in this post.

    The MGTOWs we know personally do not avoid porn or hooking up with women. They're not so much the celibate types.

  3. stg58/Animal MotherMarch 5, 2013 at 7:36 AM


    You are right about Roissy, but he is a great writer. He comes up with some hilarious statements and turns of phrases. Total role model...not so much.

  4. "Surrender is not acceptable"

    That's why I don't consider it surrender, but intentional destruction. I can think of no greater punishment than to give these people exactly what they want. The current system in America isn't sustainable nor remotely worth preserving. Going Galt and removing the supports will allow the consequences of the actions of the Communists and the Feminists to rapidly collapse upon their heads. Then the rubble can be burnt and then those who remain can rebuild on the ashes.

  5. I could be wrong here, but I think RLBs point is not to try to uphold the current system. But instead start doing life and marriage as God designed. Then our children who are left, to burn the rubble and rebuild on the ashes, will be equipped to do just that from a proper understand of how family and society need to work.

  6. Oh... and great post RLB. You've said what I've thought about the "mandrosphere".

    I'm blessed with the opportunity to teach the Men's Bible Study at our church, and I've been chewing over how to begin to teach the men to be strong Biblical Christian men and not over emotional Churchian men.

    I look forward to your continued input into my ruminating about, and articulation of, these concepts and truths.

  7. Exactly jf. Christianity will survive.

  8. Whoooohooooo!!! Waves a flag!!!

    Balista unfortunately illustrates the problem. "MGTOW" don't become: monks, priests, or great sages in the STEM fields. That is, they aren't following St. Paul's advice on marriage. Now if they did that, I and I'm guessing RDB, would have no problem with them. What they are doing in words and action is smirking at Civilization and watching it burn. Roissy's very clear he's cool with that, which is why I think Social Pathologist rightly refers to him as "The Devil's Virtuoso".

    If you are ok with Civilization burning down, I'm _not at all_ ok with you. If you fall off a cliff following a short sharp shove, I will not shed a tear. If you are smart though I will listen on the premise that even if you are vile you might say something worthwhile.

    - GKChesterton

  9. How does a red pill man not have contempt for women?

  10. A Red Pill man has contempt for women. And for men.

    Humans are evil. All of us. The Blue Pill in churchianity pays lip-service to female evilness, but in practice holds women as divine.

    We all covet, hate, lust, disrespect, disobey. The modern world simply refuses to recognize the sins of women, and inverts for men what is and is not sinful.

    But this is not solely the work of women. There were also men who correctly perceived that they would gain more power if this occurred. And never forget Satan.

    Anyway, we are in this mess (partly) because the church abandoned the Bible's teaching on submission, respect, headship, and so on. We cannot salvage the situation by abandoning the bible's teachings on chastity, civil obedience, or divorce, ala Roissy, MGTOW, or even Athol Kay. The problem is allowing ourselves to obey men instead of God. The solution is not obeying men heading in the opposite direction, however wise they are. That's just a different flavor of the same problem. We cannot undo our disobedience with a different disobedience.

  11. GKC, I would agree. I would state that not marrying is a sin if you have not been called to singleness. Staying single and just pursuing yourself, even with some token ministry on the side, is also sin.

    That doesn't mean you will go to hell for it, but it is certainly "missing the mark" which is the core definition of sin from what I have heard.

    Those men who stay single yet operate without the dedicated focus on the things of the Lord are missing the mark and not following the Biblical command to "go forth and multiply," which includes training up the next generation.


    I am finding very little on what to do, versus what to not do, in even Christian blogs in this area. A few do address some things, but it is far easier to say what is wrong with this, that or the other than it is to raise up the proper direction to go.

    Note that this may not be an entirely fair declaration. I know this blog states many things about how to live, but I still seem to find more complaints about what is wrong when I look at the current set of blogs I am tracking in this area.

    We are not going to reform society in and of ourselves and I suspect we will have some nasty times to go through, but the only long term hope is that we start becoming disciples in this area and that involves learning and doing what is right. That is MUCH harder than just noting what others do is wrong. I need to keep that constantly in front of my eyes myself.

  12. Thinking more, I would color this with the risk in the modern western marriage system, though it still seems to not be God's best for a man to be alone without a specific call and work in the ministry in that area.

  13. Brad,
    "GKC, I would agree. I would state that not marrying is a sin if you have not been called to singleness. Staying single and just pursuing yourself, even with some token ministry on the side, is also sin."

    Prove it. Biblically.

  14. Brad Andrews, I agree with you on the doing what is right verses just complaining about what is wrong. Anyone know of a good non churchian/femcentric book about biblical masculinity and how it applies to relationships?

    1. I am thinking about putting some ideas together from all these sites, though I am not sure I have all the answers right now.

  15. There is a lot of truth in the manosphere. That is why it's so popular. You can't ignore what the Roissys of the world have to say. What is really sad to me is that there is more biblical truth being told on his site than in the average Christian church as it relates to relationship advice.

    I think it is our responsibility as Christians to filter that truth with the Bible. Eventually, someone needs to start writing books and infiltrating churches with this stuff. If you have a good relationship with a pastor, talk to him about it and try to sway his typical sermon chastising men and praising women. You know, getting him to teach what the Bible actually says.

  16. RLB... not doubt there is a lot of truth out there, but there is also a lot of nonsense. The observational truths on relationships that Roissys and others have figured out are then usually couched in nonsensical back-stories about evolution. It would be great if there was a good solid red pill relationship book as seen through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

    Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of relationship with our pastor. Given the pastors I've known, I would doubt they would be very responsive to an attempted swaying by one of the members. I think our pastor tends of fall into the natural alpha category, has a pretty wife who is also a good bible teacher that teaches the women's studies and is very serious about the issue of submission and respecting your husband. But during sermons he tends to chastise men and never chastise women, I think from the standpoint that God has given us(men) the authority and responsibility. Unfortunately, you cannot lead an unwilling wife anymore than you can push a wet noodle, would be good to get some backing from the pulpit.

  17. "We, as men, have to reclaim the mantle of leadership and do it in a way that is biblical. Contempt of women (Roissy) isn't going to accomplish these goals"

    Again, how does a red pill man not have contempt for women?

    1. Myrddin, already replied to you. He's right.

  18. jf, it reminds me of the book _The Primal Diet_. I think the diet ideas have merit, but I got stuck in the book with all the evolutionary claptrap in the first chapter.

    ar, God said it wasn't good for man to be alone, as in sexually alone, so He made Eve for him. (That was not just for going to parties and such.) Jesus and Paul said indicated that only some men had the call to be single.

    1Cr 7:32 NKJV - But I want you to be without care. He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord--how he may please the Lord.
    1Cr 7:33 NKJV - But he who is married cares about the things of the world--how he may please [his] wife.

    This indicates that if you are not married you should be caring for the things of the Lord, not those of the world. Those MGTOW seem to care more about the things of the world than those of God in all the cases I have seen.

    It is possible I am wrong, but the implication is clearly that God made man and woman to be together and to go forth and multiply. Can't do that in the proper Biblical manner if you are not with someone.

    It is also a practical matter, civilization will collapse if no "next generation" is trained up.


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