Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Go Girl!!!

And men from all over read this and said, "Me, pick me! I'm your real man. I can't wait to serve you and your every need. I look forward to bowing down to your golden vagina. I want to provide for you and another man's children. I know what you deserve. I'll give you everything. Please, pick me!"


Well I know women read it and said, "You Go Girl!" I saw it, in the comments. Team Woman agrees. Why wouldn't real men read this and say, "Sign me up!"?

Come on guys, this deserving woman of extremely high self value is willing to go to the grave all alone. How can you real men just stand by and watch that happen? Why is her ultimatum falling on deaf ears?

It must simply mean that there are no real men. Not one, not one of you who are mature enough in your priorities. Not one of you are loyal, not one of your are willing to commit even with as special as she is, and not one of you is honest, all lying bastards, every last one of you.

No? You are loyal, committed and honest? Well, what is the problem? She deserves you, look, she said it herself. Why are you holding out? 


  1. stg58/Animal MotherMarch 3, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    What does she deserve and why does she deserve it?

  2. I'm not sure. Perhaps a single lady will explain.

    Perhaps she is a young, beautiful virgin who has a quiet, gentle spirit. She is ready to vow to God to submit to her husband out of obedience to Him. She will not nag, complain or find discontent. She will pray to the Lord to help her overcome any negative feeling she encounters and will never gossip, disrespect or belittle him. She will not mother him or control him. She will be gracious in seeing his need and filling it. She will never deny him sex and will keep herself in a manner that pleases him. She will not long for more or covet, she will be content in his provision no matter how meager or ample. She will show her appreciation for his labor and respect for his authority.

    Wait...sorry, that girl is not only not single, she would never write about what she deserves, only what she has to offer.

  3. stg58/Animal MotherMarch 3, 2013 at 1:05 PM

    She would also be married. It isn't hard to find good men. The problem is when Yugos try to attract BMW buyers.

  4. I would not be surprised if that were written by a "nice Christian girl."

  5. It sounds more like she's in the market for a good breed of dog. Might I suggest a Labrador/Pitbull cross? The Lab part is for the loyalty 'n shit and the Pitbull is for the SWPL streetcred.

  6. She can't possibly be a "nice Christian girl", because it would say she was waiting for God to deliver her perfect husband to her, instead of waiting for a real man.


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