Friday, May 3, 2013

America! Fuck Yeah!

My nephew passed his basic training requirements the same day I was deemed unfit for retention of military service. His father served 24 years prior to my entry into the military. My father served for 8 years before that. There has been a strong military presence in our family.

Anyone that has served knows that it doesn't matter who is president at the time of your service. Nor does it matter who is in charge of Congress at the time. Your service is a dedication to preserve the best nation that has ever existed on the planet. It is not a perfect nation, nor is it always a good nation. It is the best available.

Any moron that disregards the importance of those that serve our country in the military loses their argument unless willing to leave the US and serve another country's military. Quit be a parasite and commit to a cause. You suck. Put your name on that check, payable in full up to my life. Talk is cheap.


  1. Line up ..

    Sign up be a slave, a drone to a corrupt government ...

    Attack 3rd world countries ... get paid less then minimum wage to get shot & maimed

    So hows patrolling all those opium fields, serving the country ... All that free coke helps numb the pain of the crap pay ... lol

  2. What doesn't matter is the source of an unconstitutional order, which seem to be the norm these days. Your service is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, no other reason.

    You are in error by saying this is not a perfect or good nation, as if the nation gives military personnel the order to deploy without a congressional declaration of war. The government gives the order, and the government is a completely separate entity from the nation.

    The nation existed before the government, and formed the government. John Adams stated in the Treaty of Tripoli that the government of the United States was in no way founded upon the Christian religion. It is separate from the nation.


  3. Your style of rhetoric is unimpressive. It makes you sound like a stereotypical Army grunt who thinks our rights are conferred through national service.

    The military is necessary, but there is little reason for a young man to sign up at the moment. While it is a noble thing for one to lay down his life for his country, it is not noble to die, that muslim savages in Asia might be free. A man joining the military has no guarantee that his life will not be squandered on some foreign field by a government that hates him and seeks to despoil his people of their homeland.

    There is presently an invasion across our southern border. The military is powerless to stop it, even though it poses a far more dire threat to our liberties and way of life than any country in Asia ever did. An addition of millions of third-world Americans would most assuredly grant the Democrat Party a permanent majority in states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida. That is just what amnesty would give us. It would mean an increasingly Anti-christian government bent on stripping us of our rights and persecuting Christians, both in the public and private sectors.

    The military is necessary, but it is not the weapon needed to fight traitors, short of all-out civil war. For the civilian that pays attention, who is in Congress and the White House most certainly does matter. It means the difference between a military of patriots trained to destroy our nation's enemies and one of bureaucrats, women, and homosexuals trained to confiscate civilian-owned firearms. For the former, sign me up. For our military, which increasingly resembles the latter, I would say that the liabilities of being a serviceman or veteran are too high for what is gleaned from service.

  4. Independent of your first world whining, in the real world people die when not protected by a military. If Ron Paul was President today, he would still have a military. It would probably be smaller, but it would still exist to ensure our way of life.

    I have seen up close and personal how it works when a country doesn't have a strong military. If the military isn't being deployed the way you like, that makes you the failure not the military. You are weak. You suck. The man signing his name to protect you isn't wrong. He is giving you time to fix your country. You are the one wasting it whining.

    Quit being a pussy and fix this shit. Don't disrespect the men giving you the time to fix it. Those of us that serve don't do it to serve a president or Congress. We do it for you. We believe the same things. We just won't allow the wolf to come in to the village while you natter away about your issues.

  5. This is the military you guys support?

    The U.S military has officially says you the christians as “enemies of the Constitution.” & specifically says Christians are traitors ...

    Read it & weep christian drones ...

    "The Pentagon recently announced it will court martial soldiers who profess their Christian faith."

    Originally Posted by Breitbart News

    and says Christians--including chaplains--sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of “treason,” and of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious a crime as “sexual assault.”

    He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are “enemies of the Constitution.”

    1. I'm aware. Now fix it or get the fuck out of my country.

  6. Enjoy serving under a military who stabs you in the back repeatedly ...

    Link here ...

    Pentagon To Court Martial Soldiers For Professing Christianity

    1. ...and that is all on you, not the soldier. You are the problem.

  7. You're the one serving in the military ...

    Why dont you fix it?

    You're country stabbed you in the back ... hows life dodging bullets for a corrupt government?

    Admit it, the U.S Military sinks to a new low everyday ... to the point of hating christians like yourself?

    Hows that court martial coming along, once they find out you're a filthy christian? & ... a traitor to the constitution?

    Seriously how can you even serve in something as corrupt as the U.S military?

    1. The US military is the only thing in the way of chaos. There are lots of Christians still in the military. We are a strong, resilient bunch. The American voter's are the ones that need to fix it. The US military serves at their leisure.

      Now, the UK military for example doesn't operate that way. They can't protect the Falkland Islands from a third world country without our help. The UK military members are great warriors as well. I've known many. They say, along with other militaries across the globe, we are it. If we fall, it's game over. The Christian pascivists, the tree huggers, the atheists, the libertarians...will all fall under the heel of Islam.

      The enemy is at the gates. Someone in Europe should already see that. It's not going to be pretty if that happens.

      I serve to prevent the chaos I know will happen without us. It's called duty. Go elsewhere vermin. Be a coward somewhere else. Go await the gallows/gas chamber somewhere else.

  8. stg58/Animal MotherMay 5, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    The founders of this country did not want a standing army. They feared it could be used to promote tyranny. See any pictures from Boston? They were right.

    The founders deposited the military power of this country in the hands of We the People in the form of the Militia of the several states. That prevents military and political dictatorships. Note that Yamamoto was not worried about facing the Army or Marines in a land invasion of the US, but the armed citizen, hence his phrase "Every blade of grass".

    For all your Fox News bluster, the military does not serve as the last or only line of defense for this country. The militia does, which is why in the Constitution it is the only entity described as necessary to the security of a free state.

    Read Edwin Vieira. Educate yourself. Until then, stick to marriage advice. You are much better at that. This is the second go round we have had on this subject, and you don't seem to be saying anything different this time.

    1. I don't watch Fox News. Ron Paul would still have a small professional army. You can't play weekend soldier at our technology level anymore. We have always had a standing army. We always will. The size is a different issue.

  9. stg58/Animal MotherMay 5, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    All of the advanced equipment goes to the states, and I am only talking about the Army/Marines. The Navy was meant to be permanent for the exact reason you stated, technology.

    The regular ground forces should exist as a skeleton force of officers and SNCO's. The National Guard should be permanently turned over to the states. Right now, the NG is a part of the US military, not the militia.

    1. So we agree. It's the voters responsibility to reduce the size (i.e. House of Representatives). No reason to disrespect the soldiers.

      Every time we have significantly downsized the military. Foreign bitches be crazy. They start getting up in our shit. That is something I think could be mitigated now with the technological advantage we have. We just can't care about that whole Geneva conventions thing.


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