Friday, May 24, 2013

Nature is cruel

My favorite animal ever has been missing for several days. He was a cat named Odysseus. He showed up in our garage and decided to stay. I decided he would be an outdoor cat. Apparently, he has either met his demise or moved on. He returned every night for over a year, so I doubt the moving on thing. However, pussy can be a powerful thing. Pun intended.

I don't regret stoking the fire of debate as it relates to MGTOWs and their relationship to Christians. The Truth of the situation will sort out. No amount of protesting gravity will stop it from being true. The same is true of God's laws, especially since gravity is one of His laws. Changing the future of mankind requires showing up for it. Demographics wins the day. That makes feminism a dead end as well. It isn't hard to understand the long term view of Catholicism opposing birth control at a purely pragmatic level. Even outside the debate of when life begins, more Catholic babies mean more people to win the next generation's debates and wars.

One of the problems I see from MGTOWs view on this debate is that they think the traditionalists want their assistance. We don't. It is the desire to help you live better that motivates us. OTOH, I will never allow your views to be unchallenged when presented to my progeny. If I allowed that, it would defeat my goal of showing up for the future with more descendents than my opposition. I consider my long term opposition to be Islam, btw. I consider communists, feminists, and MGTOWs to be short term adversaries. They have no future. Such is the cruelness of nature.

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  1. Sorry about your cat, but may be he will come back after all. Our cat sometimes disappears for several days but always comes back in the end. It's a large ginger tomcat and very funny, too. My husband loves him to pieces:)


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