Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How DARE she! A Christian woman too? Well, I never..

 What could it have been to make a Christian woman like me, with a Christian blog say something so dastardly as this?

I’ve just read through all of Crimson Viceroy’s comments again. SSM, I encourage you to have HHG read through them.
You have daughters as I do. I will do everything in my power to keep my daughters from ever being in the company of this person. From ever having to listen to the poison that drips from a being like this’ lips.
I don’t remember him from the previous blog. I must say, I’ve not read anything as disgusting as what he has yammered on about. Talk about misogyny…my goodness.
I am ever repulsed by the self righteous blather by someone like this, void of grace for any woman. As if women are not God’s children as well.
All are fallen you self righteous hypocrite, CV, you are a worthless piece of shit.
I implore you, SSM, do not entertain this type of evil.
I stand by what I wrote. I publicly apologize if I made another foot stumble with the words I used.
Before I allow this post to be tl/dr, with the very long winded rants of the man who drew my ire I'll premise it with this comment for you to keep in mind by Jack Amok over at Alpha Game:
What you're hearing is the rallying cry of the Red Pill Gamma. "It's all hopeless and someone else is to blame. Oh, woe is me, let's wallow in my misery."

Gamma = heterosexual male with feminine thought patterns. Gammas lack the self-motivational drive of "normal" men to be in at least some control of their own destinies. They look for someone else to solve their problems for them, and therefore someone else to blame when their problems don't get solved.

Absent significant rewiring of their brains (which may actually be possible, I'm not sure one way or the other at this point), they are incapable of using Game because they incapable of commanding their own lives.

So Red Pill Gammas are among the most wretched creatures, because they have seen the truth and realize they are SOL. To make themselves feel better about their lot, they imagine that the Alphas and higher Betas who are successfully married are ultimately doomed. "Hypergamy will get them too, just you wait and see! Their happiness and success is a lie! A lie I tell you!"

I mock and derride Gammas as a service to the rest of the spectrum, so that the bitterness doesn't dissuade someone capable of using Game to better his life.
What kind of reaction should a man receive who proselytizes the rejection of marriage? There is some truth in what he writes. I don't deny the sad state of our society. It's the statements revealing his true objective I find so disgusting. It is the verbal diarrhea that makes me want to hurl, that I indeed do not want my daughters to encounter, and that I want my son to read and mock. 
The following are excerpts from Crimson Viceroy, highlighted are the links to the comments.
There are guys out there who learn female nature so well..that they realize in the end…they just aren’t worth the effort..period. Those men have transcended into a state where such banal, base, plebian needs are no longer a concern for them anymore. My hats off to the intrepid and highly intelligent young men out there actively going at it alone[...] 
[...]In the end, it really is the only way to go because percentage of men who are able to reprogram their masculinity after a LIFETIME of feminization is very small..hence why they become alpha’s. Sure you can fake it till you make it, but that’s not really going to do much except forestall the impending doom of divorce and lifetime alimony and child support payments. If I am referred to as a beta for following God, then so be it..let me do it alone then, as Apostle Paul did. His reward was in Heaven, not between a woman’s legs. Women, in general, have made it clear that they don’t want a whole heck of a lot to do with most of us, so why would we continue to try and figure out what they really want (masculine frame)? Seems to me that we are just trying to come up with more ways to spoil them. Since when did it become a man’s prerogative to continuously learn new ways in which to give women what 1. they say they want or 2. what they don’t say, but they want?
SSM – sorry to highjack the thread and fire another volley in the Game War, but I’d rather suffer breaching the “cease fire” rather than remaining silent. Most of the good guys have remained silent all our lives and it has led us into this mess in the first place. Thanks for all that you do. 
So it’s either you are a bitch (game up shaming) or brute (man up Churchian shaming)? Some deal, deti. The problem with Game is that it has such a nebulous term and it is different from person to person. This discussion was fully discoursed at A Voice for Men, where Paul and other did a wonderful job basically discredting the entire notion. You make it sound like if men don’t learn Game, they will be losers for the rest of their life. By the way, if you are in the current economic climate, where it’s an employer’s market, you don’t have much of a choice. You can only stand your ground before your boss axes you for someone who will do the job for cheaper and without so much “game” and good luck trying to get alternative employment when jobs are still lagging in terms of sheer numbers. So men who don’t Game women, who don’t even bother with the SMP or MMP will be forever doomed to live in their “mom’s basement”? 
Spare us the “alpha man up” sermon, if we’re sick and tired of Churchian pastor’s manning us up, what the hell makes you think that we’re willing to listen to another “man up” sermon about how if we don’t learn Game our lives will be over? I’m not advocating the other camp where men come in and “save the day” by marrying carousel riders. But I’ll be damned if I “adapt” and give women what they hedonistically want. That’s just the same old tripe but with a new flavor. I value myself and who I have become through cultivating character through harsh trials and overcoming to simply “rearrange” myself so that I am more appealing to the opposite gender. My concern is solely with what God thinks of me, not the moisture level I induce between the legs of a woman. For true Christian men, God’s opinion of who they are should be at forefront of their minds, not chasing tail and “getting some trim”. Does this mean that they will live a life in solitude and celibacy..maybe/maybe not. But a righteous life lived for Christ is worth far more than a morally mediocre life with some sex on the side. I completely agree in raising awareness about the female dark side and warning men about their legal liabilities. Always amazing how whenever someone criticizes Game, they are automatically labeled as being a “beta-enabler”…this type of reductive binary thinking is the same as insinuating that anyone who is critical of the Democractic party or Obama is automatically a Republican supporter or Bush supporter. 
Men are adapting…WE’RE WALKING AWAY. We have our own salvation to consider and I’ll be damned (poetically and literally) should I continue to waste what precious little time I have left on the mortal coil having to reframe myself to be more pleasing to women. It’s one thing to say that you have to adapt to survive. Being with a woman is not tantamount to survival. Overcoming such a desire, however, would be adapting to survive. Because in this charred climate, no matter how much “Game” you have, a woman still has the authority to falsely accuse you of rape, divorce you, or threaten your employment with harassment accusations. All it takes is one slip. I’ve heard a woman, on a Christian blog, who would (behind her husband’s back). chide the husband for crying during his mother’s funeral…apparently men are supposed to always be strong. Only women are given the grace to grieve and weep. Don’t you know..it’s poor masculine frame to be in mourning for your mother or father. Go peddle the snake oil somewhere else. 
Letting go of bitterness, if you can even call it that, is not as easy as telling someone to simply “let go of bitterness” so please, save your Buddha delights for someone else [...] 
[...]If living life for God is not enough for a woman..nothing will EVER be. If that means the current generation of women are off the plate, so be it, brother. You only have one life to live and it’s not worth expending so much effort for a few hours a week (if even that much) for carnal pleasure. I feel your pain, bro. Unfortunately, this was the hand that was dealt to us and we can only trust in God. 
“I should give up on women altogether and await the rapture” nothing wrong with that brother…seriously speaking, Paul did and it was a life that was rewarded very richly in Heaven. 
If a man claims to be Christian and following Jesus than the overriding thought process should be upon what qualities God approves of, NOT upon what women find attractive. I already accepted their dark side and that’s why I’m letting men know that it’s a perfectly acceptable and noble option to leave them by the wayside. So no, there’s no beta-tude in me to wringing about how they are precious little flowers. Perhaps in this day and age, a man will have to ultimately come to decide upon whether or not he values his walk with Christ more so than his own desires of having a mate. Cause, deti, I agree with you that women don’t find such noble qualities attractive..something that they will have to sort out on their own. If my walk with God has to be jeopardized, even in the most remote sense, because I want women to be more attracted to me, than the answer is perfectly clear to me. A shame that the church or even individual Christian leaders can’t teach men that forgoing their deepest desires is something that may be a price they have to pay in order to follow God. Of course, everything I wrote on here, precludes that godly values and virtues are something that the individual reading the posts values. 
Frank, we are only screwed if we continue to care about what they want. Should they become meaningless in our lives because we found something better to pursuit, then the fact that they want hypermasculine men won’t mean a damn thing to us in the end. 
Frank, I have to agree with DS. You should pen your thoughts down. Try to present all sides of what you have found, both gamer and MGTOW. Your conjectures are on the spot regarding women’s masculinity. It’s an uphill battle and despite how badly your heart wants it and how badly we all want to think that marriage is viable, we have to eventually face reality for what it is. I’d hate to see a fellow chap waste and expend such effort for such minimal gain. If you do have extra money..ENJOY it. Travel, try new experiences, do some charity. Pray upon it and see where the Lord would want you to spend your time and money. I know that it won’t immediately sooth the longing in your heart, but you will find new meaning. Set your focus away from them, the way they are now, most women aren’t worth so much trouble. I’ve read your blog, and am honored to have met you. I look forward to seeing more posts. 
Observer, “The man must face up the possibility he will never marry, that the risk is too great and the reward too small. The men i know who embrace this option forge their own pathways of fulfilment. They are often great friends to have. The woman must face up to a childless spinsterhood of working until she retire with her cats. They are often difficult to work with and perpetually unhappy.” YESS!!! FINALLY I GOT THROUGH TO SOMEONE! Man, it was like talking into a black hole without any sort of confirmation whether or not my words would fall upon blind eyes or deaf ears. Cheers to you, Sir
I chimed in with the following: 
SSM, any man who has read the millions of words of masculine advice poured out on these blogs and still holds tight to their gamma nature, is not a man I would trust to provide strength and protection to my daughters. They will not change the culture nor the hypergamous nature of women. And I still contend that it is a disservice to coddle them in the “it shouldn’t be so” mantra instead of encouraging them to develop that which they need in order to get what they desire. Having nothing to do with the nature of women, we’re talking about men who don’t want to live the rest of their lives alone. See Matt King’s comments on ROK. Though it’s a rare occasion, I fully agree with what he said to you there.
And here's the last of CV's gammatude wisdom I'll highlight:

Frank, according to SD she needs a masculine man for her daughters so he can guide, lead and protect them…sounds like she’s looking for goat herder more than anything else...
Here's my response before I made the comment that has given several the vapors:

As for my daughters, it will be their father and their older brother who judge potential suitors, not me. And the parameters that must be met expand beyond our first world ideals. Our current polite society provides for the survival of men who would otherwise be known as eunuchs and treated as such in more impolite societies (a couple of which RLB has lived). Preparation for the decline and fall of our comfy cozy 1st world luxuries also dictates the high scrutiny regarding our daughters’ suitors.
But let me ask this, gentlemen, should you be looking for suitors for your daughter, what would you be looking for?
The answer to my final question remains...not guys like this. 


  1. Why does deciding to live righteously for Christ and not kow tow to a bunch of washed up sluts make him a "worthless piece of shit" and "evil"? Don't you think that's a little over the top? The mind boggles at the nastiness on display here.

    I think you need to rethink your position. Crimson Viceroy's position has absolutely no bearing on you, yet you are lashing out with the fire of a thousand suns as if he'd raped your daughters. Get a grip! There is nothing wrong with a man deciding he has better things to do with his life than manning up and marrying some vile Petri dish.

    1. Yet he or she is looking for recruits and painting all females with the same brush. He is a viper.

    2. I can't tell you how amusing it is to see this comment from you, CL. Weren't you the one who wrote, lemme see, oh yeah, that's right: "Men Know your Place"

      This loser is not talking about not marrying sluts, he is talking about all women. I have never advocated for men to man up and marry sluts, nor will you find one comment of mine regarding such a thing.

      I like what Josh had to say at the AG post I linked in response to what Jack Amok said:
      What you're hearing is the rallying cry of the Red Pill Gamma. "It's all hopeless and someone else is to blame. Oh, woe is me, let's wallow in my misery." - Jack

      Exactly. It's all society's fault, all women are evil whores, etc.

      Funny how it never occurs to them that it's easier to fix oneself than to fix society.
      - Josh

      And this from deti: But men who GTOW should do so, and be blessed in it, and not complain while living it. "All women" did not cause the problems. If you want or need to GTOW, then do so in peace and without making war.

      To see this man rail against marriage and women on a Christian, married woman with daughters blog is just disgusting.

      "Fire of a thousand suns as if he'd raped your daughters"? Wow CL, hyperbole much?

    3. Link to the fight?

    4. Not sure what you're referring to. The link to the Alpha Game discussion today is: http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com/2013/05/roissy-revels-in-hate.html

      And there are several links to SSM's post in the OP.

    5. You seem to be fighting an imaginary battle.

    6. I'm sorry? I don't follow, Carlotta explains below that her device did not allow her to see the links. Do you have something to contribute here or do you just intend on ankle biting?

    7. RLB informed me that perhaps you're claiming to not be CL. My apologies if you are not, you sound the same, I was going off of
      what SSM said

    8. I just want to clarify that I am not CL ;)

    9. Ha! That is clear :) I'm sorry for the confusion. You posted at the same time I was writing my response to CL/Lena.

  2. A man who will not step up and be a man is living far below the name of Christ, even if he has a belief in Him. All of us have to conform many parts of our nature to be more like Christ. Even Paul had to control his own nature, as he writes about in many places. He was no weak and wimpy guy!

    "It is not good for man to be alone" is still a principle valid for most men in the world.

  3. He sounds exactly like a fat ugly slutty feminist. Exactly.

  4. My device is freaking. I see the links now. Sorry ;) It wont let me hit reply either.

  5. I found this snippet of his amusing as well:

    This is the problem I have with that entire leadership mumbo jumbo. It’s a red herring because, frankly, God takes men who are imperfect and who LACK leadership qualities, and through their humility He is glorified. Look at David..he was shaking and quivering as he went up to face Goliath..but he listened to God, and because he was a man after God’s own heart, he prevailed against Goliath…lest any man boast of such a feat.

    If anyone is interested in the true story of David hurrying and running toward the army to meet the Philistine, you can read it here.

    Not only was David confident in that which he had killed prior (both lion and bear), look at what he was doing it for: "and it shall be that the man who kills him the king will enrich with great riches, will give him his daughter, and give his father’s house exemption from taxes in Israel.”

    1. stg58/Animal MotherMay 8, 2013 at 10:22 AM

      Crimson Viceroy's account of David facing Goliath is a damnable lie bordering on blasphemy.

  6. Hmm. Personally, I've always been understanding of a man who chooses to go his own way without undue bitterness. I've known a few MGTOWs who were disappointed, but not overly bitter.

    Of course, if he wants a wife but isn't willing to put in the work to win one, he has only himself to blame. But if he wants a wife and can't find a suitable woman, one can hardly blame him for being a little bitter about it. I would try to extend grace to a man in that situation.

    CV's comment about the goat herder is hard for me to understand. It is reasonable to expect a man to shepherd his family. Christ is the Good Shepherd and Bridegroom. A man is told to be Christ to his wife, therefore he ought to be a good shepherd to her. So on that point I can't agree with CV.

    But I still can't get worked up about men choosing not to marry when the Bible clearly says this is a okay. S

    D, if it's okay, I'm going to drop you a brief email.

    1. Of course you can email me.

      As I said before, deti has said before, several others have said before, if they desire to go their own way, be gone...go. But to bleat on and on about women as a whole in such a disparaging manner, no, that is pathetic. Girl, I can barely read your blog anymore with all the hand wringing on it about women. Same conversation, post after post after post. This is gone far beyond healthy discussion of what potentially exists out there to a breeding ground of men proselytizing against marriage. I refuse to extend grace to that.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. ar, you've already been uninvited here for your disingenuous portrayal of our statements.

    4. @SSM,

      You have written that you want your daughters to marry and to marry young.

      Because both Christian and non-Christian voices are encouraging MGTOW it very likely that this movement will experience exponential growth over the next five years.

      It is possilbe that when each of your daughters reach 18 there will not be any single, Christian men to marry them. All the single, Christian men have checked out and decided to become professional videogame players. A few will also use sexbots.

      Now, each of your daughters are SOL. You and HHG are also SOL - no grandkids for you!


  7. I dont get it. SSM is willing to castigate women who demand that men find them sexually attractive while refusing to conform to what males find sexually attractive but men get a pass?

  8. Also why is that guy allowed to go on and on? He clearly never read a Bible and wont shut up about how no women is good enough for him and if she was she will turn evil anyway. Shameful thoughts and behavior shouldnt be aired. For the record if Frank told me he hearted my virginity I would have pimp slapped him. He is better off saying "nice tits".

  9. @SSM,

    "But I still can't get worked up about men choosing not to marry when the Bible clearly says this is a okay."

    "Be fruitful and multiply" is still a valid command for today's Christians. Men choosing not to marry is ok if they do it to have more free time to advance the kingdom of God on earth as St. Paul did. If they do it to have more time to travel, golf, fish, rock climb instead of grabbing the responsibility of loving a wife, helping to sanctify her, raising godly children then they are shirking responsibility that God has for them.

    If they shun marriage because of fear of divorce, fear of making a bad choice, fear of alimony rape, then they are not making a good decision.

    It all comes down to motives, why do they wish to shun marriage and go MGTOW?


  10. But why would any suitor trust your daughters? That is the question you have not answered. What happens if/when your daughter gives into temptation or Dr Phil or whomever is preaching the gospel of divorce that year and blows up the marriage with all the evils listed (I know of an example personally). Somehow faithful, Christian wife turns into psychobitch from hell (the last word I mean to be taken literally).

  11. My daughters read every word I write here - I stopped counting after I got to 10 posts I've written on submission and respect. Not only that but I live those words and am an ever present example to them of a wife living God's commands for marriage. I am not perfect and when I fail, I tell them where I have failed. Our daily life is filled with example after example of what happens when wives fall for the Dr. Phil type advice and gospel of divorce. We talk with them about that. We talk with them about our (women's) nature. There are times when they when they will say: "solipsism alert" before saying something.

    But that's just what we, as parents, are doing. They grow daily in their faith. We are blessed to be able to watch as they grow in their faith and reliance on the Word. Their prayer life humbles me. It is that faith and relationship with the Lord that they will rely on, and honestly, that's all the men who will marry them can rely on.

    Can it happen that a faithful Christian wife will turn into a pshychobitch from hell? Sure. However this will be clear to them, their father will admonish this behavior. They will not find a soft landing place in our home should they rebel from God's commands for them in marriage.

    Should a man still be fearful of what could happen, even by observing how they've been raised and observing their faithfulness and obedience to God, then that is not a man suitable for them. A man like that, controlled by fear, will not even be able to attract them.

  12. SD - “Can it happen that a faithful Christian wife will turn into a pshychobitch from hell? Sure. However this will be clear to them, their father will admonish this behavior. They will not find a soft landing place in our home should they rebel from God's commands for them in marriage.”

    Thank you for the admission if not the near inevitability.

    I’m sure their father thinks he can wield a pretty vicious “admonishment” when it comes to counter-acting his daughter’s behavior. Probably blistering. I’d dare say his admonishment could make a disagreeing man feel like a piece of shit, undoubtedly. Thwart a government? Good luck.

    However, if my DAUGHTER were entering an environment that mounted all responsibilities on her to ensure her complete compliance to her husband’s wishes at the threat of a government gun, I’d warn her to be responsible to God for the liberty he gave her and avoid marriage.

    I certainly wouldn’t rest my daughter’s life on the unfettered admonishment capabilities of her yet to be father-in-law.

    If my daughter’s husband had the ability to steal her children, money, assets and life by jailing her for an inability to keep paying her husband for children she wasn’t allowed to see, I’d admonish her to be responsible with the incredible gift God has given her and not imperil her life with that contract.

    It is irresponsible to recommend a business contract for your children that you would never sign in a business partnership. That’s just gambling with their lives; the definition of foolishness.

    As a Christian (and possibly fellow piece-of-shit) I have the mind boggling responsibility to pull the veil from my kid’s eyes in order to keep them safe. It can be a sucky job, but they have to know that Santa won’t deliver food for them if they refuse to work and a contract that puts them in harm’s way can’t be wished away with appeals to “but aren’t we all Christians?” Be as shrewd as serpents, etc...

    And I’ll continue to warn men that wanting to see what isn’t there will get them killed, no matter what churchians tell them.

    At the very least, it’s easier for me to minister to men who aren’t in prison or on the run.

    That’s my admonishment.

    As for disagreements, no one is a piece of shit for disagreeing with you, that’s beyond absurd and MAY speak to something larger...maybe not.

    I used to be like your husband and I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re sincere, not an idiot or excrement. God bless you.

    Luke 14:28 - Do not enter into an endeavor without counting the cost. The intention is not that all endeavors are not worth entering, but that the cost is a determiner.


  13. We are in complete disagreement because our priorities are different. The future belongs to those who show up for it. You, your progeny won't be there. That's good to know. You are ruled by fear of what someone *might* do. You proselytize against marriage. - It won't happen on my blog. You'll have to do that elsewhere. I'm fine with discussing our differences here, I will not tolerate bleating, moaning and proselytizing in my comments section. MGTOWs will have to go elsewhere to do their whining.

    What do you think I should do with my daughters? Since according to men like you, they are unable to escape being worthless to marry. What would a man like you advise? Please, do tells us more of your MGTOW doctrine of what to do with the girls. Should they be killed? Stoned for inevitable future sins and wrongdoing?

    I'll not call you a piece of shit, how's brood of vipers for you?

  14. I don’t blame you if you’re upset, the red pill is upsetting stuff and not for the weak of stomach.

    The future doesn’t belong to the enslaved, either from a lack of wisdom or force of government.

    When I worked with homeless men I first had to make sure they weren’t going to die in the open environment. It is the same with MGTOW. I can’t talk to dead men and this environment is killing them, literally. But maybe you don’t have sons like I do and are not concerned, I don’t know.

    Your daughters are children of God, not worthless according to their marital status. I would advise them what I advise my daughter, you are not defined the changing whims of societal pressure and most churchians are indistinguishable from the society. And yes, I use my sad voice.

    I would advise them what any financial advisor or attorney would advise them, don’t enter into contracts that unduly burden you and threaten the freedom and liberty your parents fought so hard to pass on to you. That’s not radical advice, that’s bare bones, common sense advice.

    Your daughters may be fine, you may be caring parents. However, they will discover that the real world “play” doesn’t match mom and dad’s “script,” sooner or later. I recommend you two be the ones that tell them, the world has an ugly way of doing it and they don’t deserve that kind of shock.

    I’ve never been called a “brood of vipers” before but at least it doesn’t involve a colon, so I appreciate the upgrade.

    You’ll notice that I have refused to respond with insults as you have. You may insult and castigate, impute motives and sinister ends, because you’re afraid, but I don’t know.

    You may insult rather than reason because you’re unable to address the points I’ve made, but I don’t know.

    I do know you sound sincere and your family deserve the truth, as much as it may make you uncomfortable.

    God bless you on your journey.

    It may lead to unexpected places.

    Mine certainly has.

  15. Oh Anon, calling you a brood of vipers was a much greater insult. How sad you don't see that. There's no point to attempt reasoning with you. I've told you what I think you are and how evil I find your message.

    You waste my time having clearly not read any other posts I've written. Do you think I'm foolish enough to think that Satan couldn't write as you do? Be gone. The readers here have read what you've got to say. They will decide for themselves whose message is right with the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will be their guide.


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