Thursday, May 16, 2013

If she wants the baby, it's murder. If he wants the baby, it's choice.

I'll admit, I approach this issue with tremendous bias and a bit of solipsism, being married to a man who could do nothing to convince a feral female to not kill his baby. And, I'll be completely honest, when I first read this story, I didn't think immediately of the horror of another baby killed, I felt a bit of righteous indignation. I felt anger yet again for the pro abortion crowd and the cognitive dissonance it must take to consider themselves moral individuals. However, as I wrote the title of this post I read back what I wrote: "baby." And I sadly contemplated again the horrible human condition.

Another baby - killed at the hands of his parent. What has become of us?
TAMPA — The son of a Lutz fertility doctor killed a girlfriend's unborn child by tricking her into taking an abortion drug, federal authorities said Wednesday.
The act could put John Andrew Welden, 28, in prison for life.
The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 defines "unborn child" as "a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb."
If someone kills an unborn child while committing a federal crime, it's considered murder, said Tampa lawyer Todd Foster, a former assistant U.S. Attorney and FBI agent who is not associated with this case.
Welden's first alleged crime? Product tampering, "with reckless disregard for the risk that another person would be placed in danger of death or bodily injury."
A federal grand jury indicted him Tuesday on that charge, along with one count of first-degree murder.
Of course he won't be charged with First-Degree Murder. However, to say his first crime was product tampering "with reckless disregard for the risk that another person would be placed in danger of death of bodily injury?" Which person? The baby? Or the mother - who could have been one of thousands each day who consume this drug.

Oh how the mind must twist to hope for his conviction yet continue to support this atrocity of abortion.


  1. So sorry for all this. My hope is in the Lord alone because evil reigns.

  2. Product tampering? Not offensive battery? Sheesh, if they'd gone with offensive battery, it'd have been a charge of felony murder and then we'd REALLY be rockin' the controversy.

  3. I left you both a comment on the post you linked to. I hope it brings you some comfort.


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