Monday, May 6, 2013

Game over, man!

Vox Popoli.
The Japanese are rather homogeneous, much more so than many other industrialized countries.....but that does not mean that they are of one culture. Yes, I know....they all tend to speak one or more forms of the Japanese language. But they are really only one half-step removed from their FEUDAL roots.

I know. What in hell am I talking about? Well, it is a subtle point but one worth making, so I will do so boldly. The ordinary Japanese citizen is about as unmilitaristic as you are likely to find. But there remains a core segment of the Japanese society that is still ultra nationalist. These are the ones who still adore the sword and keep bushido alive. This is the instant military that Japan could field overnight if there was a need. They are not ordinary people, you could even say they constitute a cult.

The Germans have the same thing, even after almost seventy years of universal condemnation and social rejection and prosecution, there still exists in German society a core of citizens who never gave up on their wartime beliefs, ideals and faith in German militarism, even if that is actually rooted in Prussian, Imperial or other Pre-Nazi traditions.

No doubt, you will find a similar militaristic core in the USA as well. I have noticed that the regularity of wars in the history of this country has most impacted certain families, whereas other families are seldom involved. It may be that in certain American families, the generations seem to coincide with the need for strong men, who were themselves raised by veterans from the last war or two.

All of these countries and societies can tolerate and cultivate a militaristic core when their numbers are a small fraction of the total will little political impact, even in a representative democracy. Even if only 2% of the US population were members of this core group, their numbers would easily people a military organization of 7 - 9 million people. It does not take that many to create an enormous presence but they are way too few to impact politics directly. DonReynolds

This is the issue. The men you will need to fix shit are serving in the military. We don't like the issues going on. That isn't on us. That is you. You have allowed the lunacy to pervade in the military. You vote for the morons. You don't run for office. You are weak. Fix it. The LtCols in waiting have a variety of opinions. Generals become who they are based on who is in power. There is a strong, Christian core that will protect you. Don't diss them. They are going to be the break-in-case-of-emergency box.

Look at the mirror. I do, every day.

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