Sunday, May 5, 2013

My cat can kick your cat's ass

One year ago, we had a cat wander into our garage while we were cleaning it. It was obviously just weened and was dumped by someone. He knew how to use a litterbox and was very friendly. SD and the kids immediately wanted to adopt him. I was hesitant and didn't want another indoor cat. At the time we had a 16 year old indoor cat and I didn't want another one. The old cat needed to be put down recently.

My family wanted to take care of the new cat and bring him into our family. I agreed to feed him and allow him in the garage. I refused to declaw him or have him neutered. If I decided he needed to be gone, I wouldn't leave him defenseless. I told the family he could stay if he earned his keep by eating mice and keeping the birds off my porch. We had to teach him how to hunt. We provided a mouse he was chasing and a bird that needed killing. It took a while, but he became an excellent killer. We have seen him kill dozens of mice and a couple of bunnies. Also, the birds aren't nesting on my porch and crapping all over it.

There is purpose to cats. You have to bring them up the right way. Kind of like boys.


  1. I once saw my father's cat jump up and pluck a bird out of the air as it flew by.

  2. Growing up, our Persian ate the eyeball right out of the head of a mastiff. It barked at him and he always hated that. My Dad told the owner to run and he didnt.
    He regularly would smack the daylights out of my four other dogs when they got out of hand. Literally would run at them with one paw raised and pimp slap them. Weighed 25 pounds, lived over 20 years ( we were second owners so we never knew his exact age) and ruled the neighborhood. However the birds and squirrels he never bothered because my Dad loved to feed them. Good cats are worth their weight in gold.


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