Sunday, January 13, 2013

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood..."

There is no way you don't see problems happening in your life. Share the challenges and confront your weak spots. Your silence is deafening. I don't pretend to know it all, but we need to discuss how to eliminate this current tragedy of male/female relations. I attribute it to feminism. If you see a greater divide, by all means address it. It's not Oprah time. No more watching from afar. I didn't allow SD to start this blog for a monetary purpose. Yeah, that's right, I didn't allow her. You will not get a more anonymous way to find truth in your life. Yes, some of you we know personally. Start a different alias.

We were asked to help couples in marriages fifteen years ago. I ran from that church. If they thought we knew what we were doing and were the best option to mentor couples, there were serious problems in that church. Today, I am finally comfortable with sharing the knowledge that we have gained over the last eighteen years. I don't think it is a perfect knowledge. I welcome input. I do know that we have the basis for a successful marriage and family life that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Perhaps, I'm over sensitive. In truth, I'm not interested in the number of butts in the seats. I'm interested in helping people unf^ck their lives. SD is awesome at writing. Me...not so much. The last time she was writing so eloquently was when her parents divorced and she was hurting. Now, she writes with a happiness that is more inspiring than her previous pain. You men that become entranced by her writing might want to check out why your wives don't speak or write about you that way. If you don't have a wife...guess what? Fix your damn self. You aren't fixing yourself by being caught up in the awesomeness that is someone else's marriage. Use it as motivation, but don't judge the method that brought ours into being. Women, I know your silence is agreement. It doesn't make your silence right. Speak your goals. Even if they are anonymous, they will have an impact on your life. Make a commitment to change in a positive way and declare it here. Then, claim victory as your life gets awesome. We don't have time for luke warm. It's time to be hot or cold. Your children's future depend on it.


  1. Well I have a question. Not sure it is related to this post, but considering I have a daughter and a son now I too am asking myself this question...
    Do you worry more for your daughters finding a good husband or your son finding a good wife? I think the immediate answer that would come to mind, and came to my mind is daughter. However, after deeper thought I think I worry more for my son. I hope he can find a good submissive wife as young women now a days are seldom raised to be that way.

  2. The truth is I have different concerns for my girls vs. my son. I wouldn't say either concerns me more or less. As it regards finding a submissive wife, I think you'll find that focusing on raising a confident son who displays leadership traits is the key. Women want to have a leader man in their life. Whether or not they were raised that way won't affect their willingness to be submissive.

  3. Feminism is rebellion. Church teaching endorses the strong, independent woman meme. Whilst men get the constant man up lectures.

    The church is blind to spiritual warfare. All it sees is personal empowerment for its wimminfolk. A soft harem for the pastor. And a constant income stream from the supporters, itching to hear the latest supplicating, subjective feel-good message from the pulpit.

    - an observer


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