Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Train wreck in 4...3...2...1

Another mommy, baby on her hip, has gone to the public square with her bull horn and announced to all that can hear, "My husband has failed to sufficiently provide! He's not enough. He doesn't do enough. I We need more! I We need more stuff! I will be leaving this cradle behind and do it myself since he is just not enough."

And off she goes, betraying that which she was created for. She goes against her own nature with no regard for the natural order of the family. She goes out to trade her hours for dollars with the highest bidder and slings her infant child into the care of the lowest bidder.

I could fill this post with statistics, facts, and figures to show her what a mistake she is making but it doesn't matter. All she can see is if he makes this much money, than for sure the two of them will be able to bring in all that is required for her covetous material needs. Never mind the increased taxes, day care expenses, clothing expenses, vehicle expenses, and food expenses. If it nets her a pittance she'll take it, because at least it's MORE!

Oh, perhaps this is a special snowflake of a woman, she'll be unaffected by the stress of the workplace. She can do it all! She'll still be a pleasant bride when she rushes back with her pennies to do all the work that still needs to be done in her home. Well surely her husband has plenty of time on his hands, she can prepare a chore list for him as well, right? And not to worry of daycare expenses, she's figured out a master plan to work while her husband is home, he can mother the baby. Their lessening time together will have no affect on the marriage, not with this special lady, their marriage will be just as strong and thriving, just you wait and see! She will not be given to scolding and condescension, no no, pile those dishes high sweetheart, I'll take care of them when I get home. Don't worry about the unfolded laundry or about the baby's bath. She'll never tire, she has MORE MONEY now!!! All is right in her world.

I know women in all the horrific stages of this train wreck. From the one taking all the classes necessary for her fictitious lucrative employment. To the one who is picking up the cash and prizes pieces of her latest divorce. The New Year's resolution she announced to the world was her resolve to do "what makes me happy." 

But SD, the Proverbs 31 woman worked.

She sure did. She worked hard. For her husband and her household. And she'd be damned sure to give up her iPhone before she left the hearth and the cradle to prostitute her services out to another man. There are so many ways a wise woman can cut back the expenses of her home to fit the provision her husband brings in. A wise woman will do this with a thankful heart. If it means chicken for the fifth night of the week, she will still pour her love into its preparation and serve it to her husband as if it's lobster.

But SD, you were lucky. Your husband made enough money.

Yes he did. Here are the actual figures from his Social Security statement of his taxed earnings for the first five years of our marriage:
1995 - $6,839
1996 - $11,225
1997 - $6,538
1998 - $12,922
1999 - $14,139
And then something amazing happened. Those years of making ends meet with what he brought in alone paid off. Undergirding his ship, supporting his career, being his help meet turned out to have some benefits:
2000 - $58,382

Yes, he made enough, it's always been enough. It was enough for me to cry out to God for help in ridding my heart of its covetous sins. It was enough for me to sing praises to God as I nurtured my babies in my loving arms knowing no other soul could do it better. It was enough for me to understand what matters in life.

One time I complained. I didn't have money for formula and diapers for our infant son. RLB, after working his second job for the day, left the house and walked five miles, in a snow storm, to the local plasma donation center. He was indignant and refused to take the car so as to not use gas. He walked back home and threw the money in my lap and told me to "go get the formula and diapers and shut the hell up."

Today I am blessed and spoiled with more than I could ever need. I have a respect and adoration for RLB so great it brings me to tears. I look back at what he's done to secure our provision and am so thankful he never once asked me, nor did I ever desire to leave our home to submit to another man for more material goods.

The Proverbs 31 woman's husband is "respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land." There is no man, not one, who is respected when he leaves his seat among the elders promptly at 6:00 PM so that he may pick up his baby at the daycare center because it's his turn. It's pitiful and abhorrent. 

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  1. What a good post!

    The newest trend for Christian women is the whole "I'm using my gifts in the market place!" idea. I grit my teeth every time I read this at Christianity Today. Where in the Bible does God tell women to do this?


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