Thursday, January 3, 2013

It comes as no surprise

If anyone is still holding out with the belief that government agencies and the courts in this country are not out to destroy men, this story should manage to convince you:

William Marotta told he might never have agreed to provide sperm to Angela Bauer and her former partner, Jennifer Schreiner, had he known the legal morass that awaited him after responding to the women’s Craigslist ad for a donor in March 2009. The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) recently filed a child support claim against Marotta after the couple filed for state assistance this year, leading the department to demand they provide the donor’s name so it could collect.
The 46-year-old machinist said he received notice in late October that he was being targeted by state officials to pay child support after the couple — who parted ways in 2010 but still co-parent their eight children ranging in age from 3 months to 25 years — were ordered by DCF officials to provide the sperm donor’s name. State officials argued that if the women did not identify the donor, the agency would deny health benefits due to withheld information.
To their credit, the now broken up lesbian couple (who irresponsibly sought to have more children amidst an obviously shaky relationship), are on the guy's side, so far. 

It comes as no surprise to me that these two women were unable to provide for their children and reached out to the man (big government) for support. It is also unsurprising that after only eight years and several children the two have ended their relationship. I know the struggle Christians go through to understand and accept all of the responsibilities of their Covenant with God in their marriages. I can only imagine the challenges faced when your relationship isn't even condoned by God.

What makes me laugh, due to my twisted sense of humor, is that this man was attempting to be the hero by providing this oh so committed and loving couple the sperm they need in order to bring about life (they can't support) and he's the one who gets slapped.

I've always told my children, even if you think you'll have an ally when you side with the devil, watch out, Satan laughs at you. He's not your friend, no matter your allegiance to him.


  1. I heard about that on the radio. I had the same reaction. On the one hand, it is unjust to make the man pay child support.

    On the other hand, there is a certain justice to it after all. Men should never, ever donate sperm unless it is to a couple where the man is infertile. We don't need lesbian couples raising kids or women who decide to do it all on their own. There are enough idiots in the world to ensure there will always be donors and recipients, but perhaps a story like this might give a man pause.

    We need fathers, not sperm donors.

  2. When I'm all done laughing, I shudder to imagine the generation of upcoming adults our society will have that are products of this evil crashing in upon itself.

  3. We shall reap what we sow.

  4. I read this article too and was just aghast.

    even if you think you'll have an ally when you side with the devil, watch out, Satan laughs at you. He's not your friend, no matter your allegiance to him


  5. I agree with SD here about the abundance of humor over the white-knighting feminized man. Until feminized men realize their losing cause in defending womyn's emotionalisms, they will continue to be raped by the state.

  6. Well, at least it'll mean that supplies will dry up shortly like they already have in Canada and Australia.

  7. I hadn't heard until you said it and I googled it that there is a shortage in those countries.

    Next up: Men, your donation is required in order to obtain xyz...

  8. Couldn't he claim that he got a threesome out of the craigslist deal? Then wouldn't the state be enforcing a form of legal prostitution by making him pay for it?

  9. My first thought when I read this story was that the feminine imperative had becomeself aware, acting of its own volition - FI-Net as it were.


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